In this agreement Zoetis will obtain the rights to incorporate this innovative new technology into both existing and new products, with options to distribute products already developed by Eureka Genomics. In addition, Eureka Genomics will exclusively provide Zoetis with certain NGG services and partner on product development and delivery.

While distribution options for Eureka Genomics’ products are being reviewed, Eureka Genomics will continue to work with existing customers. Financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed.

"NGG is an exciting new way to deliver reliable and cost effective genetic information to our customers," states Jon Lowe, global head of genetics at Zoetis. "It will replace some of our current genotyping platforms and provide opportunities for the development of new products and solutions."

Didier Perez, chief operating officer of Eureka adds, "By leveraging the continued improvements in next generation sequencing and commercializing the NGG technology that focuses the next generation sequence data on the informative bases, this agreement with Zoetis will help drive adoption of Eureka Genomics’ NGG technology and fuel further innovation in this area."

NGG uses High Throughput Genetic Sequencing combined with proprietary DNA processing and computing solutions to deliver reliable and cost-effective genetic test results to customers in multiple markets.
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—From Zeotis press release