Using Altosid IGR in a mineral supplement is convenient for producers, and horn flies do not build a resistance to IGR like they do with other methods of fly control: dust bags, pour-ons, ear tags and sprays.

The manufacturer makes the best-selling granular weatherized mineral in the industry, Super Ranger Kaydets. The newest addition to the Kaydets line — the SR 6.0 IGR Granular Mineral — is highly palatable, weather resistant and supplies cattle with the total daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals.

Bill Gates, director of sales, stated, “Kay Dee strives to improve the cattle producer’s bottom line. Horn fly populations and improper nutrition have a negative impact on livestock production and producer profits. Our new mineral supplement offers a horn fly control solution to producers.”

Dr. Jason Sewell, a nutritionist said, “Using an effective horn fly control mineral supplement will reduce livestock stress. The new mineral supplement controls horn fly populations and delivers the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals cattle require.”

Horn flies cause an economic loss of nearly $1 billion dollars to the beef industry in North America every year. Horn flies can cause 15 to 50 pounds of weight loss per head during the summer season. At $1.61 per pound, a 30 pound weight loss results in a $48.30 average loss per head.


Controlling horn flies will have a positive economic impact on a producer’s herd. Unlike other fly control methods, there are no known cases of flies being resistant to the active ingredient in Altosid IGR.  end mark

From Kay Dee news release