The funds donated to each organization are utilized in a number of ways to help the victims with meals and cleanup once they are back into their homes. The Salvation Army continues to meet ongoing community needs by providing flood clean-up kits, food and other types of assistance to people affected by the flooding.

“With the donations, our 400 volunteers have been able to provide more than 41,000 meals, which breaks down to more than 1,000 meals a day,” says Maj. Lee Morrison, Salvation Army Corps officer. “Families have taken in other families and looked to us for food assistance until they are able to get back to normal living conditions.”

Similarly, the American Red Cross West Dakota Chapter has allocated donation funds to also provide temporary shelter and meals and assist in cleanup efforts.

Like other members of the community, Wald was grateful to see the trucks pulling into his driveway to provide support.

“When you have been working for days with very little sleep and your refrigerator is empty, it is quite a welcome call to see a Salvation Army truck or American Red Cross truck pulling up in your driveway to offer you lunch,” Wald says. “They were there to help everyone in the area for the better part of two months or more.” 

—From Pfizer Animal Health news release