Stucky, wife of Earl Stucky, was excited to win the award and was joined on stage by her family. Stucky was nominated for the award by her granddaughter, Billie Jo Holzer.

Stucky, born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, was active in 4-H in her younger years, in which she met her future husband. She remained with 4-H, working in the office and being a leader with her husband during the early days of their marriage.

“They raised five kids on the ranch once known as Flying D,” Holzer wrote of Stucky in a biographical sketch she submitted to MSGA. “While Earl was away at cow camp, Glenna was often home alone with the kids, taking care of all the ranch chores, plus her chickens, milk cows and harvesting a bountiful garden. Her outside passions were passed down to her kids and grandkids.

“Glenna and Earl then moved the family to the Keiley Ranch in 1976, which they purchased north of Avon. Glenna shared her brilliance in sewing, cooking, and gardening not only with her own kids and with grandkids, but enriched many 4-H’ers during her 35-year leadership role.

“Glenna helped start the Powell County Cattlewomen and is a current member of the district and state Cattlewomen associations. One of her other loves is the Avon Get-Together Club, a fundraising club for the community...."


She still keeps books for the more than 1,000-head operation, feeds the hired men and takes care of her five milk cows and more than a dozen orphan calves. “An encounter with a hostile heifer during calving, which laid her up for a time, has not slowed her down and she still takes her checks during that busy season,” Holzer wrote. “Caking heifers with her daughter every spring morning and making sure the shelves are stocked with vaccines and medical supplies for the ranch are still some of her daily duties. …

“Yes, Glenna Stucky is a ranch woman pioneer, passing down the legacy to her kids and grandkids with grace and love.”  end mark

—From Montana Stockgrowers Association news release

Glenna Stucky receives the award for ‘Ranching Woman of the Year’ by the Montana Stockgrowers Association, Dec. 14 at its annual Convention and Trade Show in Billings. Photo courtesy of MSGA.