During her time at CSU, Pfeiff held several internships including a data-intensive internship with Leachman Cattle of Colorado. Another hands-on internship with Heartland Cattle Co., McCook, Nebraska, is also included in her experiences.

“Halla greeted her new role on the RAAA staff with open arms and has been enthusiastic to learn responsibilities as quickly as possible,” says Kenda Ponder, RAAA database and registration consultant. “Her commitment to assist stakeholders shows in her eagerness to learn and be knowledgeable about the evolving world of DNA technology.

"She will have other responsibilities with special projects outside of the DNA in-house process. Her background and education will be more than advantageous for the continued success of the RAAA and its stakeholders.”

Pfeiff’s initial duties include assisting Red Angus stakeholders with the submission of DNA. She will be the direct contact between the members and the DNA lab. She is also adept in the reporting of DNA results.

She will be the go-to staff person if a member has a question on completing the DNA order form and what rules and regulations pertain to DNA testing. In the future, her duties will expand to assisting with carcass data collection projects and other research endeavors.


“I am excited to be a part of an association that cares so deeply about its members and their success in the industry,” Pfeiff says. “I look forward to being a part of the continuous growth of the Red Angus breed.”  end mark

—From Red Angus Association of America news release

Photo courtesy of RAAA.