Purina Accuration Blocks in the 200- and 500-lb block sizes and the 200-lb bowl.

AB incorporates Intake Modifying Technology, a proprietary technology developed by the company. This technology encourages snack eating throughout the day, which supports rumen efficiency, helps address nutrient waste and aids in forage digestion.

Research shows that supplying the energy and protein supplement to the cow herd helps cows to meet the optimum BCS of 5.5 to 6.

Trials showed cows ate 0.7 pounds less per head per day on average than a previous product.

 It was further proven through feeding demonstrations in six different states with 14 groups of cattle on a variety of forages. This resulting research demonstrated that AB intake will vary depending on forage conditions (supplement consumption of 0.25 to 3.5 pounds per head per day), and confirmed that cattle will consume nutrients based on individual needs to help maintain a consistent BCS.

 The product is available in different sizes and forms to fit the needs of the cattle producer, including 200-pound block, 200-pound plastic tub, 500-pound block and an NB version in a 200-pound plastic tub.  end mark


—From Purina Animal Nutrition news release