“Large animal groomers – particularly youth – struggle with the process of grooming because traditional livestock clippers are heavy and can require two-hand operation,” says Karen Formico, vice president of marketing.

The clipper "combines the safety and control of a small clipper with the wide blade and increased power of a heavy-duty clipper to create an easy-to-manage, mid-size solution. Its uniquely angled head delivers improved access when clipping in hard to reach places.”

Andis ShowEdge clipper

Weighing in at 27.5 ounces, the clipper is ergonomically designed and is 58 percent lighter compared to most heavy-duty, large animal clippers, providing greater control and less hand fatigue – both top concerns of livestock groomers. A 2-speed rotary motor runs cooler and delivers powerful cutting performance, while a tether cord, for around the wrist, helps prevent accidental drops.

The clipper has a 14-foot power cord and comes standard with a 3-inch wide company general blade (#40175) to cover more area with fewer passes. Two additional blades are also available: Surgical (#40110) and medium coarse (#40165). The detachable blade clipper is made in the U.S. and has a one-year warranty.  end mark


—From Andis news release