The interactive portal and curriculum allows employees to train online when their schedules permit. The portal features bilingual learning modules and opportunities for continuous education on subjects such as cattle anatomy, feeding and employee safety.

“There is little time for error in animal agriculture operations,” says Nicolas Buttars, PF business solutions manager. The portal “creates flexibility for employers and employees with a cost-effective way to properly train employees. Proper training means increased engagement and productivity from employees, and reduced risk for the employer.”

The online curriculum also allows employers to track employee learning progress to guarantee efficiency and accountability while reducing training costs. It frees up the time of supervisors and minimizes the operation’s risk. By tracking progress, employers can see when courses are completed and hold employees accountable for improving animal care and compliance.

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of integrating the portal into your training program, and visit the website for information on how PF consultants can assist your operation or to sign up for the portal.  end mark


—From Zoetis news release