At the top of the agenda is how to farm an efficient, profitable and sustainable future, beginning with an overview of the current industry and looking at future trends, specifically addressing how farmers and producers can stay ahead of the curve.

Breaking out after this into dairy and beef tracks, talks will focus on industry specific issues, debating a roadmap for the industry through interactive discussions. Topics will include:

  • Forages and maximizing your return from the land
  • The war against protein prices
  • Sustainability
  • Mineral management
  • Mycotoxin management
  • Innovations in the industry
  • Managing your investments for the future
  • Big picture view on the global landscape

In addition, attendees can take advantage of farm tours, which will take participants on a journey to some of Ireland’s most unique farms, showcasing Montbeliarde, Limousin and Holstein cattle as well as top quality forages produced on-farm.

More than 700 delegates from 30 countries attended last year’s event in Lexington, Kentucky. Continuing the theme of showcasing international agriculture, the event will have a distinctly French flavor as attendees follow the company to France for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in NormandyPD


—From Alltech news release