“Reducing debt allows students to focus on their studies and enhances a new graduate’s ability to pursue a career of his or her choosing,” says M. Gatz Riddell Jr., DVM, executive vice president, AABP.

Scholarship applicants must be students graduating with their veterinary degree in 2013 and enrolled in colleges of veterinary medicine in the U.S. Eligible students can go online for additional details regarding the scholarship program and to access the application form.

Applications must be submitted via the AABP website by Friday, June 15.

Scholarship applications will be evaluated on the overall interest of the applicant in bovine veterinary practice, involvement in bovine medicine and extracurricular activities, and the ability to express oneself in writing and provide insightful answers to essay questions.

Grades are considered but do not make up the majority of the evaluation for selection of scholarship recipients. Membership in college student chapters of AABP or Food Animal Club is strongly encouraged.

The scholarship program is administered by the AABP Foundation with the assistance of the Amstutz Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship recipients will be notified prior to the 2012 AABP Annual Conference Sept. 20-22 in Montreal. Scholarship recipients will be encouraged and funded to attend the AABP Annual Conference to receive recognition but attendance is not required to receive the scholarship.  end_mark 

—From Pfizer Animal Health news release