Name: Lindsey Marotz
City, state: Hoskins, Nebraska
Reign year: 2021-22

Summary of yourself and your ag/dairy background:

I grew up on a small family dairy farm near Hoskins, Nebraska. I showed in 4-H from age 9-18, and I was an active participant in FFA during high school, taking the roll of president my senior year.

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Editor / Progressive Dairy

How your reign started:

For me, there was an application process and then the night of my crowning I gave a 20-minute presentation about multicultural marketing in the dairy industry.

Your promotion activities over the past year:

I went to many events over the past year including county, regional and state shows, assisting with the Midwest Dairy booth at events and attending events as asked.

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Specific promotion activity you are most proud of from your reign:

My favorite event this past year was helping with the Midwest Dairy booth at the College World Series in the Omaha Baseball Village. This event felt unique because of the range of consumers I was able to speak to. There were people from all walks of life, from all over the country, with all levels of knowledge about the dairy industry.

What you think it takes to be successful at promoting dairy:

It is important to remember we are promoting to real people – people who we can connect with. For me, connecting and creating trust is the first step to successfully promoting dairy.  end mark 


PHOTO: Lindsey Marotz poses with a calf at the Midwest Dairy booth at the 2021 College World Series in the Omaha Baseball Village. Photos provided by Lindsey Marotz.