On this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Peggy Coffeen makes a visit to a dairy farm with no cows in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, to learn about a business family coming into its seventh generation of operations. Philip Jones, CEO of Jones Dairy Farm branded pork products talks openly about the brand’s inspiring origins story, company culture and keys to a successful multi-generational business.

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Season 4, Episode 6



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • The history of Jones Dairy Farm and its founder, Milo Jones [~2:15]
  • Explain the difference between being a “family business” and a “business family.” [~14:00]
  • Company culture and employee retention. [~19:55]
  • How do you attract and retain good employees [~27:18]
  • The decision to bring on the first non-family member president of the company. [~30:20]
  • Rapid Fire questions [~35:15]


Show notes:

This podcast was inspired by a previous article in Progressive Dairy: https://www.progressivedairy.com/blogs/from-the-editor/the-little-piggies-that-didn-t-go-to-market


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