Many producers take pride in raising Certified Angus Beef (CAB). Now these producers can take the CAB brand and logo to their freezer beef market with the new direct-to-consumer Ranch to Table program.

George abby
Editor / Progressive Cattle

The Ranch to Table program was designed for Angus producers to market their beef directly to consumers as a CAB product. While the producers must follow some guidelines, which may include having an American Angus Association active membership, proof of bull registrations and being Beef Quality Assurance certified, the program is designed for producers to take their Angus genetics combined with the brand’s trusted reputation to increase marketability and financial gain for their operation’s products.

According to Certified Angus Beef, the Ranch to Table program aims to provide another way for producers to have “equity in the brand.”

Cattle will have to meet the CAB brand’s live-animal evaluation standards with a predominantly solid-black hide, and carcasses must meet CAB’s 10 specifications. The Ranch to Table program’s end product is going to be consistent with traditional CAB product, not compromising any of the brand standards.

The program application is open to all Angus producers, and eligibility will be evaluated on the business’s operating plans and marketing approach for the beef produced rather than limiting it to operations with specific numbers of cattle, CAB says.


CAB says the goal of the program is to provide Angus producers an asset – something that can add value to their program and their own products. They know direct-to-consumer beef merchandising can expand an operation’s financial opportunity, “perhaps allowing the next generation to come back and join the family business,” CAB says.

For more information, visit the Certified Angus Beef Ranch to Table website.