The Chobani Scholars program has awarded a total of $100,000 in scholarships to five Magic Valley area students who are newly enrolled at University of Idaho (U of I) and are poised to make meaningful contributions to agriculture. Priority is given to students who intend to pursue a career in food production and the dairy industry and may not have the financial means to attend college on their own. Scholarships are spread across four years. The new cohort brings the total number of U of I Chobani scholars to 21.


Megan Taber is a 2023 Chobani scholar. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho.

2023 Chobani scholars

Megan Taber of Shoshone is double majoring in animal and veterinary science: production and mechanical engineering. “From dinner table conversations about dairy pricing and the future of the industry to hands-on experience in production, the dairy industry permeates every aspect of my life. I want to design heavy equipment that gets farmers home faster and even more efficiently than others. I also want to work with companies and organizations like Farm Bureau and Land O’Lakes so I can help reduce the red tape that comes with farming.”


Melody McHan is a 2023 Chobani scholar. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho.

Melody McHan of Gooding is majoring in animal and veterinary science: business. “As an aspiring veterinarian, I learned from an early age the importance of animals in our lives and the powerful addition they can be in increasing our quality of life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have noticed that spending time with animals speaks to my soul and gives me the clarity I need in life to see my way forward. My room is full of skulls, science books and all things animal.”


Kamille Mirkin is a 2023 Chobani scholar. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho.

Kamille Mirkin of Jerome is majoring in agricultural economics: agribusiness. “Attending the University of Idaho will allow me to work with a wide variety of industry professionals to develop a better perspective of many aspects of the agricultural industry. I will be able to gain hands-on experience with the professors and University of Idaho staff. I am also looking forward to the opportunities the many campus farms and labs have to offer.”


Josiah Knapp is a 2023 Chobani scholar. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho.

Josiah Knapp of Hagerman is majoring in agricultural science, communication and leadership. “Right now in Idaho there is a need for discussion between the farmer and the consumer to help moderate what the farmer needs and the farmer wants and what the consumer needs and the consumer wants, and this is a conversation that I want to be a part of. I want to build my career in agricultural policy, agricultural law, environmental law – in that realm.”


Madeline “Zara” Burgoyne is a 2023 Chobani scholar. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho.

Madeline “Zara” Burgoyne of Rupert is double majoring in water science and management and forestry. “Working at the Department of Environmental Quality this summer in the Twin Falls area, I found a new love for water resource management. In the Snake River area, water is one of the most important resources since it is desert country. Farmers and ranchers live and die by it and so does everyone else, so much so that the Snake River Adjudication has been going on since 1987. For me, this degree is about protecting Idaho’s resources in water, as well as protecting the people who use and need this water in order to eke out a living.”

Excerpted from University of Idaho press release