Photo courtesy of John Deere.

John Deere introduces new telescopic compact wheel loader

Compact wheel loaders are a fast-growing class of equipment in agriculture today. Their versatility makes them the perfect do-all tools for stacking, loading, pallet transport, even snow removal. That’s why John Deere is thrilled to offer the new 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader, a powerful, easy-to-operate loader, ideal for farms nationwide.

The 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader offers 16-plus feet of reach from its telescopic lift arm – more than enough to stack bales or load TMRs – while still being compact enough to work in barns or other tight spaces. Extending and retracting the telescoping arm is performed with the mini-joystick located on the main control lever, meaning operators don’t have to remove their hands from the main controls to activate the arm.

To help guard against overloading the arm, The Load Torque Indicator System gives visual and audible alarms if stability limits are exceeded during lifting, lowering or extension. If the stability limit is reached, movement of the lift arm is only possible if the movement reduces the load. In addition, a separate indicator warns of potential overload of the tilt cylinder.

To learn more, visit the John Deere website or contact your local John Deere dealer.

“Coastline Equipment is excited to offer this new solution from John Deere to our ranchers and dairy producers. We feel that the John Deere 326P compact wheel loader is set to become a preferred compact machine for any ag/ranch application. It is just so versatile with its easy attachment changes from inside the cab and 16 feet of reach with the addition of the telescopic boom. The 326P should easily earn its place in any ag/ranch application.”—Shane Boettcher, Idaho/Elko, Nevada sales manager, Coastline Equipment


Photo courtesy of HydroSide.

HydroSide releases the autonomous traveling irrigation gun

Irrigate your pivot corners, replace your old-school hose reel or finally irrigate that odd-shaped and hard-to-reach acreage. The sky’s the limit for HydroSide’s all new electric and self-charging autonomous hose reel – and it’s all managed from your phone. GPS-guided autonomous travel and precision within inches.  

"This cutting-edge technology allows me the most flexibility and versatility to water areas I wasn't able to get to before in a more economical and sustainable way. This well-made, customizable and efficient heavy-duty machine allows you to avoid obstacles easily in the field and run a variety of irrigation patterns you never thought you could before. The intuitive GPS technology is the time management tool that has saved me labor; most importantly, it gets my crops watered on time and in time when I need it done."—Rob Mensonides, PNW ag sales, Moses Lake, Washington


Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH brings LiDAR technology to hay producers

Designed for hands-free efficiency, Large Square Baler Automation maximizes throughput and delivers consistent, high-quality bales regardless of operator experience level. The dealer-installed automation kit connects seamlessly with Class 3 ISOBUS Puma, Optum and Magnum tractors.

The LiDAR (light detection and ranging)-based swath analysis sends out laser pulses to measure the position and size of the windrows. The technology adjusts the speed and steering of the tractor to maximize throughput without overloading the baler, resulting in increased runtime compared to traditional baling. With the automatic adjustments and hands-free baling, producers can put less experienced operators in the cab or spend their time in the cab running farm operations or focusing on other business.

Case IH precision technology through AFS Connect also ensures that tracking and monitoring is happening during the baling process. Hay producers can remotely monitor field performance and tractor diagnostics during baling, while securing records for review after harvest. 

Case IH has a broad range of hay-system solutions in 2024, from advanced equipment to a recently introduced app that streamlines invoicing processes for custom hay producers. To learn more about their full system solutions, visit the Case IH website.

“Baler automation helps in so many ways, I believe everyone is going to want it. It helps with the little things when you’re operating. It makes it easier to use multiple operators in different situations while maintaining consistency and keeping your quality up. [The Feedrate] also helps to get hay to market, providing consistency on the trucking side of things.”—Scott Jacobs, Silver K Farms, Hamer, Idaho


Photo courtesy of Zoetis.

Exact10 implant applicator from Zoetis

Zoetis has announced a new advanced implant applicator designed specifically for user ease and precision. The Synovex Exact10 applicator features multiple design improvements that allow for user comfort and ease, no matter what type of cattle operation. The Exact10 is compatible with every Synovex implant cartridge and makes the implantation process efficient and productive.

The highlights of this design include:

  • Ergonomic grip to give comfort and grip to all hand sizes
  • Balanced handle placement to reduce strain while maximizing control with ease
  • Pull-back T-handle that lets the user cock and advance without switching hands
  • Ambidextrous design allows users to operate the applicator with their preferred dominant hand
  • Retractable needle that reduces error and guesswork while implanting
  • Automatic last-dose alert to let the user know when it is time to change implant cartridges
  • Universal product usage across the entire Synovex implant portfolio

Visit the Zoetis website to learn more.

Broden Matthews owns and operates a 6,000-head feedlot and 1,000-head cow-calf operation near Oakley, Idaho. He puts an implant applicator to the test in his operation. Matthews recently switched to using the Exact10 applicator for Synovex implants. He says the Exact10 is easy to use, with improved durability over the previous Synovex applicator. Matthews also appreciates the retractable needle on the Exact10 for proper pellet placement in the ear with fewer crushed pellets.

New Holland IntelliSense bale automation brings big benefits to the baling process

A new option for New Holland’s BigBaler range offers the potential for greater productivity, bale quality, fuel efficiency and operator comfort by automating key baler and tractor functions.

Operating a BigBaler manually demands continuous operator focus, including steering adjustments to follow the swath and monitoring swath density and crop flow to prevent overloads and blockages. Additionally, ensuring consistent bales requires observing the bale-fill indicator and monitoring bale-slice numbers and weights. IntelliSense bale automation proactively automates tractor steering and speed adjustment based on swath path and volume, relieving the driver of these demands.

At its heart is a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor located at the front of the tractor cab roof. This emits a laser pulse several meters ahead of the tractor, which is reflected off the swath. The system will automatically adjust the steering, which is then fine-tuned not only to follow the swath but also according to the baler’s plunger load sensors, ensuring even filling of the chamber. Featuring a single-sensor setup, it can work in daylight or at night and is prepared to deal with dusty conditions. 

For more information, visit the New Holland website or contact your local New Holland dealer.

“Our new BigBaler IntelliSense technology is a great new feature, as it brings a new level of precision to the hay market. Although not completely automated, it is a big leap toward full automation for baling. A lot of the farmers out there are seeing issues with labor shortages or having inexperienced operators; this product will allow anyone to be proficient and be able to build consistent square bales with little to no experience. I’m really excited to get this product in front of many customers this year.”—Nathan Darragh, Western field marketing specialist – livestock and dairy, Emmett, Idaho