Today, more than ever before is an opportune moment to spotlight the progress that’s happening in the dairy industry when it comes to sustainability on the farm. Listen in as Carlyn Peterson, Ph.D. at Selko USA, joins a conversation that dives into life cycle assessments, the state of the dairy industry’s sustainability efforts, and how these efforts are converging with the environment, society, and economy. Complementing her research at UC Davis, Carlyn will also bring the conversation to farm-level as she shares examples of how Selko is helping ruminant producers lower their operations’ environmental footprint and advance their sustainability goals.

Season 6, Episode 10

Carlyn Peterson with cow

Carlyn Peterson, Ph.D., P.A.S., Selko USA

Carlyn Peterson is a Dairy Technical Manager based out of California covering the Western region of the US for Selko. Carlyn specializes in sustainable dairy systems and their interaction with dairy nutrition. Prior to joining Selko in 2022, Carlyn provided technical support for the Smartline category with Adisseo for two years. Between 2013 to 2020 she worked with Dr. Frank Mitloehner at the University of California, Davis, to complete a Master’s degree and PhD in Animal Biology with a focus on Sustainability and Ruminant Nutrition. Carlyn is passionate about improving sustainability in the dairy sector. The title of her dissertation is "Effects of Feed and Waste Additives on Dairy Cattle's Impact on Greenhouse Gasses and Air Quality." Her research focused on reducing the environmental impacts of dairy without compromising production. Carlyn also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, emphasis in Livestock and Dairy, from UC Davis. She is originally from San Diego County where she got her start in agriculture through participating in the FFA.

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