Come on, spring! I type that with a great deal of gusto, but honestly, it seems selfish to say. Michigan has had a great winter. We only had short stretches of really cold weather.

Dairy Producer
Messing-Kennedy is a dairy producer located in Michigan.

Today we had 30 degrees, sun and mud. There have been a lot of places that have had a rough winter. Heck, Michigan has had many rough winters before. Regardless of the truth, I am still hoping spring is coming sooner than later.

It seems like the second half of winter is long. There are always too many frozen water lines, ice and so much impatience. So how do you make it through this second half of winter? Here are a few tips for making it to spring:

  • Go out and do something. Leave the farm for a set period of time and do not talk or think about the farm. Even if you're only gone for an hour, taking that time out helps you decompress.
  • If you really are feeling down, get help. There is still a stigma around mental illness, but I will be blunt. That is ridiculous because if it is a matter of you being here for your family or not, get the help. Taking care of yourself physically is just as important as taking care of yourself mentally.
  • Just remember spring will be here before we know it. We will be planting our crops. The days will be getting longer soon.  end mark

What are you most looking forward to in the spring season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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