“Accountability continues to be pivotal to the success of our sustainability program,” said Thad Simons, President and CEO of Novus International.

The website includes the 2010 Novus Sustainability Report titled Innovation With Integrity, which documents and measures the company’s comprehensive social, environmental and economic sustainability program at a global level. The report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, the most widely used guidelines for sustainability reporting standards. GRI awarded the report a Level B-Check, meaning the report received a vigorous level of review from GRI.

“This website outlines the goals and progress of our integrated sustainability initiatives worldwide,” said Joyce Cacho, Ph.D., chief sustainability officer at Novus. “This allows us to engage with a diverse group of stakeholders: our customer base, the agricultural industry and the public.”

Novus’s sustainability program forges strong links between performance, food safety, the environment and animal well-being – market drivers shared by urban and rural communities worldwide. In achieving GRI Level B-Check, Novus reports sustainability performance in the areas of economic, environmental, human rights, labor, society and product responsibility.

“The Novus sustainability program demonstrates how companies can meet economic, environmental and social needs successfully,” offered Joyce Cacho. “Novus encourages stakeholder collaboration to focus on accountable sustainability as essential to our innovation.”


Novus is one of the few privately held companies in the commercial services industry worldwide that voluntarily participate in the GRI program.

To learn more visit www.novusint.com/sustainability/. end_mark