A woman who took animal abuse video at a calf ranch in that state, has been charged with animal cruelty charges herself - for not reporting the activity sooner, according toTheDenverChannel.comreports.

Charges against Taylor Radig were filed because she filmed activity at Quanah Cattle Company from mid-July to September, according to the station's report. She then quit, and handed video to Weld County's Sheriff's Office two months later.

These laws are emerging on the books in rural areas where activist videos are popping up. The argument is that whistleblowers should share their abuse immediately, rather than waiting for an opportune time for their activist group to release the video and get the most public reaction.

Quanah is owned by J.D. Heiskell & Co., based in Tulare, California with several feed and calf operations around the country. The company responded earlier this month to the allegations in the video in a story by the Fresno Bee.

Three men had previously been given misdemeanor charges. end mark