The old man remembered with care
And the memories flooded his mind.
He said, “It was wild and free in the West
But that was before your time.

I had me a little blue roan
And son, he could run like the wind.
And right over there where the parking lot is
we raced and always would win.

Where they put up the State Valley Bank
The Indians would camp on the site
And the very first antelope herd that I saw
Was right at the new signal light.

And down by the furniture store
Where every week they have a sale
The overland stage at the end of each week
Would come by and drop off the mail.

And, oh, I remember the time
When Buffalo Bill all alone
Caught up with the Daltons and they shot it out
It was down by the savings and loan.


And Grandma, may she rest in peace
Would wait for me down by the strand
And finally, one day, I gave her a ring
That spot’s now a hamburger stand.

Asphalt and pavement now run
Over all of my boyhood days
People need people and out West they came
But I don’t begrudge ’em their ways.

Oh, yes, it was different back then
And everything’s changed so it seems
But deep in my heart I miss it sometimes
So I have to go back in my dreams.”  end mark