After the first animated film in 2013, the power ballad “Let It Go,” written and composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, was so popular it became one of the most globally recorded Disney songs. I, like many others, can still recall most of the words to the song because of how often it has been played.

Lee karen
Managing Editor / Progressive Dairy

Leading up to Frozen II, one could presume there would be similar effort put forth musically, especially since the Lopez husband-and-wife songwriting team was also involved in developing the soundtrack for this film. While Frozen II’s emotional anthem “Into the Unknown” did encapsulate the film’s theme about embracing change, I personally don’t think it was quite as catchy as “Let It Go.” In fact, after seeing the movie twice, I can’t recall any other words beyond the title.

I don’t often journey to find a mystical river like Elsa did in the movie, but I do find myself metaphorically wading into unchartered waters from time to time. Since seeing the movie, when I’m in such a situation, it just so happens those three words, “Into the Unknown” ring through my head to the same melody of the show tune.

As the calendar turns to March, I’m thinking of the upcoming cropping season. After the unexpected trials and tribulations that occurred last year across the country, it almost feels like we’re embarking on another adventure into the unknown.

More years than not, the crops really do turn out OK, but one can’t help but be a little leery after a bad year. What soil impaction occurred last year that will have to be dealt with now? Should we expect heavy rains again to delay planting? Or is the drought coming back? Will the weather be warm enough? Could there be more storms and strong winds to destroy standing crops? Will harvest be delayed?


If there’s anything I’ve learned in farming, it is the ability to put the past behind you and try again another year. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get your plans and preparations in place for the upcoming silage season. Read the article on page 66, as it will give you plenty to think about and accomplish before planting begins.

One pre-planting task is emptying manure storage and applying that valuable fertilizer to the land. Safety should be first and foremost when completing this task and, because it is so important for you and your employees to return home safely at the end of the day, there are two articles on manure storage safety in this issue. Check them out on pages 11 and 59 to prepare yourself and your team for the unknown risks that may be lurking within those storage systems.

Since there will always be unknowns in farming and in life, I’ll leave you with the advice provided in Frozen II. When faced with uncertainty about what to do next, Elsa’s sister, Anna, sang the song, “The Next Right Thing.” We may not always know the full path before us, but by focusing on making the next choice the right one, it will help us navigate through this unknown cropping season and many more.  end mark

Karen Lee