ABS Global releases Bolton sons 29HO14062 GILLESPY and 29HO13991 RUBLE are leading the excitement at ABS Global with the release of the April USDA sire evaluations. 29HO14062 De-Su GILLESPY-ET*BY provides an elite combination of high production and superb type. His daughters are standouts in udder attachments (+2.39 UDC) with excellent mobility (+2.31 FLC). 29HO13991 Kings-Ransom B RUBLE*TY, a Bolton x Boliver son, combines their classic traits to continue an ABS legacy of success and production.

—From ABS Global news release

G-Star, FutureStar additions at Alta

For Alta, the April 2012 sire summary was highlighted by new G-Star and FutureStar additions. Three brand-new bulls, 11HO11106 AltaCASCADE (2388 GTPI), 11HO11129 AltaBANFF (2369 GTPI) and 11HO11115 AltaLEO (2357 GTPI), take the top three places on the G-Star roster. Seven of the top ten FutureStars are new to the list.

Alta’s number one new release this April is 11HO10346 AltaJENKINS (2078 TPI). Since his release in December, 11HO10232 AltaGENESEE (1896 TPI) has added over 40 daughters to his type proof and increased his initial values.

New release 11HO10256 AltaDANIEL (1894 TPI) sires profit-pleasing +3.9PL, +0.5 DPR, +672 pounds Milk and +2.57 FLC. Since December, 11HO10153 AltaAMAZING (1698 TPI) has secured the number one position on the U.S. PTAT list.


—From Alta Genetics news release

New crop of sires bountiful at CRV

The April 2012 sire evaluations proved most bountiful for CRV with the addition of 11 InSire genomically selected bulls.

Leading out the new additions is MASTER (+2353GTPI). BARROW is a well-rounded outcross bull with a solid UDC and extremely good udder linear. TABOR posts excellent conformation (+2.65 PTAT, +1.3 DPR, +6.2 PL, 107 Temperament breeding value). JEPSEN, a Cheese Merit specialist at $717, touts a superior DPR (+1.4). SIREN excels in milk production (+1614 PTAM).

HERBST offers balanced conformation traits, good FLC and UDC. With extreme component percentages, TOM is the perfect bull for producers who sell to a cheese market. NICODEMUS ranks over +1.50 for PTAT, UDC and FLC.

—From CRV USA news release

Genex adds 25 new Holstein bulls

The Genex Cooperative, Inc. Holstein lineup debuted 25 new Holstein graduates by 15 different sires.

1HO10458 DAY made his entrance at +$787 LNM and +2457 TPI. 1HO10455 KRISTOFF is an elite genetic option (+$774 LNM) for heifer pens. 1HO10288 JAKE %-I represents the second generation of genomics, besting his sire by $51 at +$771 LNM.

1HO10456 JAQUAR %-I follows his sire’s footsteps as a high genetic merit, elite health and fitness option. 1HO10446 WOLFGANG %-I (+$747 LNM, +2273 TPI) towers as a profit-packed, high-power Bowser son. 1HO10454 JACOB %-I offers profitable phenotype including medium frames, strongly attached udders (+2.27 UDC) and sound feet and legs.

1HO10406 MEL %-I debuts with +2.27 PTAT, +2.02 UDC and +2.11 FLC. 1HO10436 SOLSTICE (+2.29 UDC. +7.6 longevity) is the last of the eight new sires over +$700 LNM.

—From Genex news release

IPS launches Rockwell at +2068 TPI

The April 2012 sire summaries resulted in new genetic trendsetters for International Protein Sires. With an impressive +2068 TPI and +1920 milk proof, 6HO1126 Rockwell is the only progeny-tested bull over +2.00 for type with milking daughters that exceeds 150 pounds combined fat and protein.

6HO1046 Bevan (+1884 GTPI) is the only bull in the breed with +300 milk, +0.15 percent Fat, +4.4PL and +1.20 Type. With a prestigious SCR score (+4.7), 99HO6145 Barry ranks number one among proven bulls having milking daughters with a type proof.

A leader of IPS’s genomic rated young sires is 183HO2131 Shame (+G2356) followed by 6HO1163 Lights Out (+2,305 GTPI). From the exciting Red spectrum, 54HO552 Barbwire-Red (+3.01 Type) sired a four-month-old red calf that sold for $9,400 in the recent Siemer’s Holstein Sale.

—From IPS Sires news release

NGG bulls continue to lead the pack

With release of April’s genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics ranked at or near the top for milk, components, type, UDC, DPR, PL, NM$ and PPR.

54BS438 R N R Payoff BROOKINGS (180 PPR, +497 NM$) continues to lead the way, ranking in top six for PPR & NM$. 54BS374 Sun-Made VIGOR ET *TM continues to be the most complete bull in recent history within the Brown Swiss breed (NM$ +413, +401 Milk, +0 Fat, +20 Protein, +0.2 DPR, 143 PPR, +0.7 Type, +1.22 UDC, +6.6 PL). 54BS438 Cozy Nook Beamer TORCH now ranks No. 7 in the PPR Index (178 PPR). Officially graduating into the proven lineup, 207BS7 ETLAR is the breed’s only bull to be over +2000 for milk production (+2068).

Three new genomic-tested young sires added are 54BS498 HILLTOP ACRES W DURABLE ET *T; 54BS499 SCHULTE BROS VIG FOREST ET *TM; and 54BS502 BUCKEYE KNOLL TD GIT-R-DONE *TM.

—From New Generation Genetics news release

SDB sire proofs improve this April

Excitement is in the air after a great proof run. Many of our original bulls added many daughters and are well over 90 percent Reliable, and they all went up in milk. Bulls like 506H102 Reliance, 506H110 Donald, 506H116 Big Daddy are as good as any other bull in the breed with Reliability of 92 percent.

More than half of our proven bulls are 7 percent or smaller in calving ease. 506H223 Suntan is officially a proven bull with 2013 GTPI and 97 pounds Fat and Protein. New genomic bulls 506H251 Glass and 506H246 TJ were also added. 506H247 Froggy and 506H250 Castaway, our high LNM$ bulls, are still up there with super health traits and high GTPI.

In the Jerseys, 506J171 Bellringer added a lot of daughters and went up in milk. 506J298 Fanatic and 506J299 Durango stayed up there with a JPI of 184 and 196.

—From Sierra Desert Breeders news release

New graduates join PLANET at top

With nearly 8,000 daughter and a GTPISM of +2215, 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) continues to exhibit profitability (+2,323 Milk, +69 Protein, +75 Fat, +$736 NM$). Ranking fourth for GTPI at Select Sires is 7HO10211 Regancrestdl S RYKER-ET (+2070 GTPI). 7HO10176 Mr Regelcreek Shot AL-ET (EX-91) now joins Select Sires’ proven lineup, ranking among Select’s top five GTPI sires (+2052).

7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-95) continues his reign as the No. 1 type sire at Select Sires (+3.67 PTAT). 7HO9893 Maple-Downs-I G W ATLANTIC-ET (VG-88) enters Select’s proven lineup at +3.17 Type. 7HO9879 Pine-Tree SPEARMINT-ET (EX-90) joins Select Sires’ proven lineup as a solid type improver (+2.43 Type) with over 300 classified daughters in his highly Reliable (96 percent) April summary.

—From Select Sires news release

Semex launches Robot Ready sires

Semex is pleased to announce the launch of Robot Ready sires. To accomplish this goal, Semex’s senior geneticists have created an index that identifies code 200 bulls that will sire daughters possessing traits that are profitable in automated environments.

Robot Ready sires in the Holstein lineup include 0200HO03591 BEAVER RAY MURAL, 0200HO05843 GEN-I-BEQ TOPSIDE and 0200HO05868 TWIN-SPRUCE FACEOFF.

Holstein Genomax Robot Ready sires include 0200HO06333 DE-SU BIG BANG-ET, 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER and 0200HO06267 GEN-I-BEQ LAVAMAN.

0200JE00430 LENCREST ON TIME is a Jersey Robot Ready sire.

—From Semex news release

Core values highlighted at Sersia

If you could sum up the April proofs for Sersia, it would show that production, calving ease and diversity are in abundance.

Out of the 40 or so bulls making our U.S.-proven lineup, the average calving ease is approximately 6.5. With sires like Titanic, Mr Ships, Ramos, Laudan and Teamster, customers can feel relieved that they can breed their cows with something other than the mainstream. Creol Toy (1,000 pounds Milk, 90 CFP, positive for DPR, 7 percent CE) is our proven TPI leader. Amazon PJP has a low inbreeding co-efficient of 5.2 percent.

After the death of Jocko Besne last month, Stol Joc has become the leading reference for his father’s genes with a combination of excellent production traits and superb type.

Among the stars of the Sersia genomic range are Electorat (2234 TPI), Fontoy RF (2263 TPI) and Edelweiss (2176 TPI). PD

—From Sersia USA news release