New graduates rise to top at ABS Global New dairy graduates from ABS Global offer superior genetics with the release of December 2011 USDA genetic evaluations. Leading the ABS lineup as the industry’s highest TPI graduate is 29HO13846 Trigger, with a +2144 TPI. A highly anticipated Holstein graduate from the ABS Primetime lineup, 94HO13666 Destry makes his mainline sire debut from the St. Jacobs program with a +3.13 PTAT.

Jersey sire 29JE3615 Jupiter is emerging as one of today’s premier sires for production at +1526M. He is the No. 1 JPI bull in the breed at +225.

29HO13891 Gaffney enters the industry lineup as a calving ease specialist, producing durable daughters built to last in a commercial setting.

Producers looking for outstanding udders and feet and legs should look no further than 29HO13829 Chandon. He is also an extreme fat percentage improver.

Another component specialist hitting the active lineup this run is 29HO13811 Morelan. 29HO13883 Delon produces a unique combination of production and type. 29HO13854 Burst is sure to add profitability to any operation at +1997 Milk.


Finally, 29HO13661 Devlin sires moderate frame daughters with depth and openness of rib, extreme udder cleft and snug attachments.

—From ABS Global news release

Accelerated Genetics offers complete sire lineup to customers

The December sire summaries brought Accelerated Genetics a nice gift of a positive proof run and stockings full of 10 new active sires graduated from the PACE young sire program.

014HO05682 Calvary added data and moved up almost 200 pounds of milk, 11 of fat and six of protein while maintaining his lofty level of over +2.50 type.

014HO05552 Grenade also made some nice increases on production and is now over +2000 milk. 014HO05639 CM improved nearly +200 milk and six pounds of protein.

Other top sires maintaining their lofty rankings include 014HO04929 Man-O-Man at No. 3 on the TPI list. 014HO05560 Emerald is a top-20 TPI sire who possesses a unique pedigree. 014HO05617 Mystic made nice increases across the board to help confirm his elite status.

Finally, 014HO05411 Palermo made some positive moves on production, as his daughters seem to improve their second lactations.

Topping our list of new-release PACE sires is 014HO05954 Douglas. He sires medium-sized cattle that have great udders and correct feet and legs.

There were also two Elegant sons added from the PACE program in 014HO05723 Manpower and 014HO05881 Trent.

Active status was also achieved by high-type transmitting PACE sires, 014HO05771 Lawler and 014HO05853 Meridian. A well-balanced proof backs 014HO05751 Oliver. Our first Airraid son enters the active lineup status in 014HO05777 Upward.

014HO05745 Randal *RC provides an opportunity to add the red coat color, high fat test (+.18 percent) and calving ease (7 percent).

14HO05814 Escape is a high milk sire (+1146 PTAM) and is plus for health traits. The new extreme from health traits can be found in 014HO05880 Diecast, with an astounding +7.7 PL, +3.1 DPR and 6 percent CE.

In the high- protein breeds, 014JE00519 Lincoln increased 13 JPI points this summary and is a top-25 JPI active sire. In the Brown Swiss breed, 014BS00329 Promotion jumped 25 PBR points.

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

New proofs bring good tidings of unique pedigrees, genetic progress for Alta Genetics

For Alta, the December 2011 sire summary was highlighted by exciting new G-Star and FutureStar list additions, unwavering fertility leadership and unique pedigrees commanding a presence in new releases.

This December, we add 21 new G-Star bulls to the list for a total of 45. Together, these 45 bulls have an impressive average GTPI of 2229.

The FutureStar list sees 10 new additions this round. 11HO10661 AltaMeteor snags the No. 1 position on the FutureStar list with a GTPI of 2294.

This proof round, eight bulls receive their first official daughter evaluation. Our first new release this December is 11HO10042 AltaQuattro, beginning his proven career with 1947 TPI.

New release 11HO10166 AltaChaz wraps production, health and functional type in an outcross package. Strong net merit ($430) and SCS (2.81) add to this bull’s list of strengths.

11HO10186 AltaGlencoe’s unique sire stack makes him an excellent outcross sire. Daughters are unfailingly high type with a +2.16 PTAT and +2.67 UDC.

Another new-release outcross with great component deviations (+.11 percent Fat, +.07 percent Protein) and eye-catching daughters (+1.95 PTAT) is 11HO10040 AltaWotherspoon.

Continuing the trend of outcross sires with strong component deviations is 11HO10149 AltaPedro, whose percent Protein value is among the top three for Alta (+.11 percent Fat, +.09 percent Protein, +546 CM$).

Newcomer 11HO10000 AltaMiami corners the production game this round with +2276 pounds Milk, making him No. 2 at Alta in this regard.

11HO10075 AltaEverwild, the first AltaWildman son to graduate, makes them like his dad – milky (+1159 pounds Milk) with great frames and welded-on udders.

Tremendous udder improvement (+3.73 UDC) is the primary feature of 11HO10153 AltaAmazing.

—From Alta Genetics news release

Genex Holstein lineup is fulfilling great expectations

Genex Cooperative, Inc. is home to a comprehensive Holstein sire lineup designed to meet dairy producers’ stringent genetic demands. The lineup fulfills expectations for progeny-proven Lifetime Net Merit leaders, top TPISM sires and new genomic genetics.

The Genex lineup is a powerhouse for progeny-proven, high LNM sires claiming seven of the top 20 bulls, including the industry’s leader in 1HO08784 Freddie %-I.

The others earning honors in the top 20 include: 1HO08777 Awesome (+$710 LNM); 1HO09167 O-Style (+$699 LNM); 1HO08778 Super (+$683 LNM); 1HO08658 Logan (+$644 LNM); 1HO09527 Massey (+$631 LNM); and 1HO02565 Cassino %-I (+$597 LNM).

Genex graduated eight new bulls over +$700 LNM. At +$783 LNM, 1HO10275 Drew leads the new debuts for profitability. 1HO10255 Goldengate %-I is known to improve feet and legs, increase percent fat (+0.12%) and boost longevity (+6.8 PL). 1HO10175 Marcelon %-I has a +2.28 FLC and +1.93 PTA Type.

1HO10464 Vibrant %-I is the lineup’s leader for SCS (+2.41) while also excelling in fat percent (+0.11%) and Cheese Merit. Top-notch fat yield and impeccable daughter fertility describe 1HO10420 Design.

1HO10285 Ledge %-I exhibits a +1.97 PTAT, +2.00 UDC +2.60 FLC, 5 percent Sire CE, +2.8 DPR, +7.1 PL, +2259 TPI and +$728 LNM.

Genex’s first active 1HO09167 O-Style son, 1HO10405 Filke %-I, has solid production with +1.63 PTAT and +2.51 FLC.

Rounding out the elite eight over +$700 is 1HO10254 Lebron %-I. He posts a respectable all-round proof: +1687 PTAM, +1.95 PTAT, +1.73 UDC, +2.22 FLC, +6.7 PL, +2.62 SCS, and 6 percent Sire and Daughter CE.

—From Genex Cooperative Inc. news release

Pacesetter genetics for IPS with December proofs

Multiple components of the International Protein Sires lineup elevated IPS to pacesetter genetics with the December 2011 sire summaries.

The leading TPI proven sire is 6HO1063 Showboy at +1927. He is a component specialist and a fitness sire at +3.3PL.

6HO1046 Bevan is a proven sire that gains prestige with each sire summary. At +1894 GTPI, he is a well-balanced bull for solid production and enviable type traits. A PL of +4.6 also quantifies his fitness attributes.

The newest IPS release is 99HO6145 Barry. He brings together solid production and type along with positive components. A boastful SCR of +4.9 is another of his attributes.

Three recent young sire additions have prominent genomic information: 6HO1163 Lights Out (+2,340 GTPI); 6HO1162 Lets Go (+2,168 GTPI); and 54HO0582 Kindman-Red (+1867 GTPI).

The IPS sire lineup has superior milk performance ratings, with three proven bulls in the top eleven for the breed: No. 2 6HO1150 Yankee at +2,468M; No. 9 6HO1030 Lilyman at + 2,222M; and No. 11 6HO1156 Lucifer at +2,201M.

Leading the way on the type side is 6HO1068 Dynasty (+3.01T) and 6HO1170 Luster (+2.83T). Two proven bulls excel for udder composite, 6HO1036 Arrow (+2.47) and 6HO1068 Dynasty (+2.55).

On the red scene, 6HO1124 Tycoon-Red is No. 5 for TPI among Red & White proven sires at +1736 and No. 1 for productive life resulting from a 6.1 score.

—From IPS news release

Select Sires debuts six elite sires

With the release of December 2011 sire summaries, Select Sires added six new elite Holstein graduates to Active A.I.

7HO9676 Regancrest-BH TS DELRAY-ET debuts as the highest type new graduate (+2.69 PTAT). His linear chart is nearly flawless and he has a superior ability to improve udders (+2.72 UDC) and mobility (+2.15 FLC).

Also entering active A.I. is 7HO9679 Morningview APPRENTICE-ET (EX-91), who offers type improvement (+2.52 PTAT).

Leading the new graduates for production is 7HO9703 SeagullbayJJ MAINSTREAM-ET. His daughters fill the bulk tank with +1,850 Milk and increase component yields (+46 Fat, +52 Protein).

7HO10518 Dinomi Boulivard enters Select Sires’ active A.I. lineup ranking as the highest new graduate in the lineup for TPISM. At +1966 GTPI, he produces profitable daughters with a net merit dollar value of +529 NM$.

7HO9587 Normanna Buckeye SUBLIME (VG-87) delivers daughters that are the perfect package of production (+1,226 Milk) and type (+2.05 PTAT).

7HO9509 Wa-Del Rice Encino HANS-ET is Select Sires’ first BdgGenetics Encino-ET son, with favorable health traits (+2.1 PL and +1.1 DPR) and the ability to sire solid type, feet and legs and udders (+1.93 PTAT, +1.90 UDC and +2.69 FLC).

—From Select Sires news release

Latest proofs show market share growth for Sierra Desert Breeders

We are now well into our fourth year in the business and it seems every proof run gets to be more exciting.

SDB’s market share is growing and it is good to see that our bulls are doing what they are expected to do. Most of our proven bulls increased their production with their second-crop daughters. Here are a few highlights:

506H153 Theo is one of our first bulls, adding a lot of second-crop daughters. Theo is also a great calving ease bull at 6 percent and 98 percent.

506H116 Big Daddy added a lot of daughters and increased his proof.

506H114 Revolution is our highest $NM bull at $523. He is an excellent commercial bull with great health traits and calving ease at 5 percent.

506H151 Heirloom – You have to see his daughters. It’s Blackstar all over again.

506H243 Super Freak is our Superstition son out of the famous Frosty. He is going to be hot.

506H245 Froggy is a Jeeves son with very high genomics – PL 9.9, DPR 4.1, $NM 773 and CE 6 percent.

506J171 Bellringer – Good old Bellringer keeps adding daughters to his proof and it gets better all the time with great type and high fat. It’s hard to beat this Jersey bull.

506J296 Bumble Bee is the second-highest genomic Jersey in the breed for milk at +2223.

217MO66732 Valfin is still the No. 1 Montbeliarde bull in the breed.

—From Sierra Desert Breeders news release

Semex adds new Jerseys to its lineup

This past year Semex’s Jersey lineup has been refreshed each proof round with an array of sires and cow families.

2011’s last proof round is no different, adding bulls from the Roxette and Flower cow families such as 0200JE00986 BW Venerable, 0200JE00337 Vantage Monroe, 0200JE00040 Three-Valleys Magnum and 0200JE00330 WF Action Custom.

Our recent December releases, however, deserve a closer look: 0200JE00343 Gabys Nathan Protector provides an excellent source of milk without sacrificing JUI. 0200JE00441 Molly Brook Forrester will be an easy choice for all dairymen focusing on health and fertility traits as well as components.

0200JE00349 Dutch-Hollow Imagination-P provides an excellent combination of dairyness and strength with udders that are both high and wide, carried well above the hock.

0200JE00338 SR Nathan Pro-P is the highest JPI ranking polled bull in the world, with over 1000 pounds of milk and our highest PL at +5.7.

Semex has released the following three new sires into our Jersey Genomax program: 0200JE00183 Sunset Canyon David; 0200JE00170 Unique Rietben Gannon Ideal; and 0200JE09832 Riverbend Gannon Frolic.

Dairymen looking for a new, young health and fertility bull will like Semex’s 0200JE00490 Heartland Neal. He is over +5.0 on PL, +0.5 on DPR and a low 2.79 for SCS. PD

—From Semex news release