Need help training your parloremployees about milk quality andmastitis? This poster might do thetrick.

Click hereto download a PDF of the "InFocus" image from the February 25, 2014 issue ofProgressive Dairymanmagazine.

Progressive Dairyman receivedpermission to republish thisposter from the blog “The AlmostPerfect Parlor.” One of the blog’sco-authors, Tom Wall, developedthe materials for the poster. It wasreleased in December. Wall usesthe poster in his training with dairyemployees. He will soon release aSpanish translation of the poster.

This year El Lechero magazine willfurther introduce these mastitiscausing“bugs” to its readers.


If you’re interested in obtainingcopies of the poster in English orSpanish, email Wall. PD