Progressive Dairyman asked several companies exhibiting at World Dairy Expo to highlight a few of the new products that will be on display at the show.

Work under LED industrial fans

The Big Ass Fan Company (EH 1408-1509) has created the world’s first LED-equipped industrial ceiling fan, according to the company.

The Powerfoil X LED delivers as much light as a 400-watt metal halide, covering the entire diameter of the fan while using less than 175 watts.

Its tempered-glass lens is designed to provide optical properties that minimize glare.


The light is easily installed and ties directly into an existing lighting grid for simple control.

It generates volumes of gentle air movement using 1-horsepower to 2-horsepower motors.

Improved waterbeds for cows
DCC Waterbeds ISO (EH 1713-1716, IL 313), backed by a 10-year warranty, now offers even more cushion for the cow’s knees as she drops to the laying position and floats the cow’s pressure points with even more consistency.

The original beds support the cow’s bodyweight through hydraulic pressure, with a small amount of variability depending on the cow’s size or position on the bed. The new waterbeds improve this concept.

Two isolated chambers provide a consistent volume of water in each chamber and therefore more consistent support regardless of cow weight, size or position on the bed.


Miraco bottom drains
Miraco (EH 1815, 1816) has designed bottom drains into all its BigSpring waterers.

The unique design allows the tanks to be drained out each end into the alleyways or straight down on each end into a tile so no water is emptied into the barn.

Reck silage spreader
Agromatic Inc. (EH 2011-2114), Reck’s sole distributor in North America, announces the release of the Reck silage spreader, which can be used in both bunkers and on silage piles to


spread silage into thin, even layers.

The spreader does what a conventional push-blade cannot by reducing the amount of air introduced into the silage pile and allowing users to spread silage all the way to the bunker wall.

The distributor stocks two standard sizes, but additional sizes can be custom-ordered.

All units are attached using a three-point hitch and are PTO-driven.


CowKühlerZ introduces Kühl Blew fans
CowKuhlerZ(AR 435) introduces Kühl Blew fans, which operate with efficient new technology, the company says.

Its sapphire blue, 25-inch cast-aluminum blades and direct-drive motor create a virtually noise-free environment.

At a distance of 80 feet, the fan has an air speed of about 6.5 mph and a 20-foot-wide cone.

The airflow has a unique swirl pattern, allowing air to reach each cow. Field tests are being conducted throughout the fall. The fans will be available for commercial purchase in spring 2014.

Introducing the Lely Vector
The Lely Vector, new from Lely North America (Booth AR 461-483, TM 1), ensures correct rations are fed to cows consistently and on time, allowing farmers to achieve efficient and high-grade milk production.

Feed is automatically pushed up at the feedbunk and is measured to determine if more feed is needed for each feed group. Amounts are automatically adjusted based on consumption at the group level. Feed is stored in the feed kitchen, designed with flexibility to feed many types of forage, concentrates and minerals.

Loader attachments, mixers


Jaylor’s(TM D) new line of loader attachments include the bale shear, bale grabber and silage shear, all designed to work in conjunction with the company’s vertical mixers.

The company’s patented square-cut auger is designed to produce quality mix faster and cleaner.

Its technology enables it to process baled forage and roughage into a uniform TMR that resists sorting.

The patented sloped top prevents bridging, while the unique slide plate gently gathers feed into the auger, reducing friction, horsepower consumption and operating costs.

Heavy-duty fence for calf care
The Calf-Tel (EH 2008-2309) heavy-duty fence system includes features designed to provide an efficient fence system that decreases labor and increases the opportunity for improved calf care. It comes equipped with a fully functional door and has a dual locking system.

The fold-in/fold-over feature allows managers to easily clean the hutch and pen areas. Equipped with two rugged wheels for maximum mobility and flexibility, it also has feet that keep the bottom off the ground.

RayTec upgrades its Caf-Cart
There’s a new design to the Caf-Cart by RayTec Manufacturing (MC 21), which combines the durability and reliability of the original model with Digi-Star electronics for precise, accurate weight readings.

The cage is 42 inches and will accommodate larger calves or similar size livestock. It comes with optional standard pneumatic tires or solid tires; available with or without the headlock.

Keep cows clean with stall groomer
Known for custom engineering equipment that separates sand from manure, McLanahan Corp.’s (TM 654-655) stall groomer helps dairies manage sand bedding in freestalls by keeping sand loose and dry to maximize cow comfort.

It is easily attached to any skid steer. The company’s full line of sand processing solutions include a dewatering screen/ULTRA System demonstration unit, rotary liquid solid separator, stall filler and sand-manure separator.

John Deere’s new compact wheel loaders
Designed specifically for lower-clearance applications, John Deere (TM N) has added the 204K and 304K compact wheel loaders, which come with Interim Tier 4 diesel engine and two-speed transmission with a top speed of 12 mph.

A foot lower than the company’s other compact wheel loaders, the new models feature rigid front and rear axles to meet the 8-foot height while lowering the center of gravity and increasing stability and the tipping load limit.

Both models feature weather-resistant gauges, extended rooftops, nonskid floor mats and optional vandal proofing. PD