All Ohio dairy farmers were invited to attend the Ohio Dairy Forum on March 31, 2010. The forum’s featured speakers presented federal dairy policies that are being discussed around the country and helped dairy farmers gain a better understanding and a more comprehensive insight to the design of the policies.

Dairy farmers were able to ask questions and express their opinions about these policies during a panel discussion with the speakers.

In addition to a policy review, the featured speakers provided a dairy industry market update and an economic overview. There was also a presentation on the comparison of a free market, a government intervened market and a government controlled market and how a change in dairy policy would affect Ohio’s dairy industry. Lastly, Ohio Dairy Producers Association provided an update and their next steps on the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

Ohio Dairy Forum 2

Featured speakers included:

Jim Tillison, National Milk Producers Federation
Dennis Wolff, Dairy Policy Action Coalition
Robert Vandenheuvel, Milk Producers Council (California)
Mark Stephenson, Cornell University
Cameron Thraen, The Ohio State University
Scott Higgins, Ohio Dairy Producers Association


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Information and photos provided by the Ohio Dairy Producers Association.