Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition (MSGAN) is pleased to announce that Advance Arrest non-medicated energy supplement is now available with ProVance Microbials. The new unique natural formula provides rapidly available energy, essential electrolytes and fluids, plus fast-acting microorganisms to help overcome upset and unbalanced digestive tracts and enhance an animal’s immune system.

For scouring calves, pigs, foals, lambs, kids, llamas, alpacas and other animals, this energy supplement features a specialized gelling action that slows fluid passage, increases nutrient absorption and helps hold insoluble fiber in suspension.

Originally developed through a research program with the University of Illinois, this product can benefit animals in different scenarios by slowing nutrient passage, providing energy, rapidly restoring lost fluids, promoting feed intake, helping stop scours – and relieving upset and unbalanced digestive tracts. Producers also can feed this product to calves coming off the trailer, during disease therapy or to calves showing signs of stress. PD


—From Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition news release