DFC has finalized the requirements and released the reference manual for the Environment module of proAction, which will come into effect on Sept. 1. The manual outlines the Environment module’s five requirements designed to mitigate risks and promote positive action on dairy farms. As previously announced, the module’s foundational requirement is the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) or, in the province of Quebec, the Agri-environmental Support Plan (Plan d’accompagnement agroenvironnemental, PAA) or PAA-equivalent. This requirement enables farmers to develop and implement individual action plans, evaluating areas of strength while addressing areas with improvement opportunities.

The second requirement, the Environmental Questionnaire, allows farmers to assess the use of on-farm practices related to soil health, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, silage seepage and plastic waste. Through this exercise, farmers can note positive actions they already take while learning about new ideas to consider embracing. The aggregated information will help the industry describe practices undertaken to advance environmental stewardship.

The remaining requirements aim to reduce the risk of contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water from wastewater and manure, and to make the best use of manure and other nutrients on the farm.

Environment reference manualThe recently released Environment Reference Manual serves as a guide for dairy producers to fulfill the five requirements for the Environment module of proAction. Image courtesy of DFC.


Long before they became part of the collective consciousness, environmental protection and animal welfare were fundamental to Canadian dairy farmers’ values. But public perception has not always kept pace due to the rising spread of misinformation about dairy consumption and the production process. As interest grows from both industry stakeholders and society in the environmental sustainability of agricultural systems, farmers have a vested interest in taking their stewardship to the next level under the transparency of proAction. Careful oversight of environmental resources carries benefits such as the further enhancement of soil health and biodiversity, the preservation of the quality of land and water, the reduction of the carbon and environmental footprint, and the ability to provide consumers with the dairy products they love for generations to come.

The Environment Reference Manual is now available at Dairy Farmers proAction, along with a variety of fact sheets and other resources. Farmers are encouraged to contact their provincial dairy association for further information.


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