Over 250 farm members, employees, directors and producers joined the 75th annual general meeting and celebration, which included presentations from producers and industry leaders as well as farm tours.

“As we all know, staying in business for 75 years is no small achievement. You need to embrace change, new technologies and continually strive for improvements that keep you relevant with your customers,” says WestGen CEO Chris Parry. “At WestGen, I believe we have done that, and that is why we are celebrating our 75th year in business this year.”

A leader in western Canada’s genetics and reproduction for the beef and dairy industries, WestGen has been in business since 1944. The nonprofit organization is 100 percent owned and directed by its western Canadian farm members.

“In 1944, a group of progressive Western Canadian dairy producers formed the organization that became WestGen. It is their vision, courage and pioneer spirit that lives on in the company and continues to drive our success today. We are proud of the significant contributions we have been able to make in breed improvement,” Parry says.

In 75 years of business, WestGen has experienced dramatic growth, now offering a wide array of services through its growing family of companies and partners: Cryogen, Liquid Nitrogen Solutions, Boviteq West, Proventus, XL Vets and Bow Valley Genetics.


“Looking to the future, I am more than hopeful. I am certain of two things: that WestGen is well positioned to grow and thrive in the cattle industry domestically and globally, and that we will support our innovative and dedicated dairy and beef producers as they grow and thrive too,” Parry says.  end mark

PHOTO: Paul Meyer; Vernon Smith; Chris Parry, WestGen CEO; and Eric Carmichael join the cake cutting celebration at the WestGen 75th Anniversary event in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Photo courtesy of WestGen.

—From WestGen press release