Progressive Publishing creates and distributes industry-focused magazines, email newsletters and podcasts for dairy, beef and forage producers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our focus is always on the farmer. We take pride in the range of our information. From the small 50-head dairy producer to the 10,000-head commercial producer, our readers can always find a wide array of information no matter the scale of their operation. This is our mission because we know what it’s like to start small and progress toward your potential.

The company’s first publication, Progressive Dairy, spent 14 years of its life being produced in founder Leon Leavitt’s basement. It started out as an eight-page flyer for dairy producers in the Northwest. From there, it has grown to a 100-plus page magazine mailed to dairy producers across the U.S. Today, Progressive Dairy also has a weekly email newsletter and a weekly podcast. 

In 2000, we launched Progressive Forage, which distributes hay- and forage-growing information to farmers 11 times per year. Today, the magazine also has a monthly enewsletter. 

In August 2011, we began producing Progressive Cattle. The magazine distributes information monthly to cattle producers in the U.S. Today, the magazine also produces a newsletter twice per month and a monthly podcast. 

In 2012, we launched Progressive Dairy: Canada (English-based), and in 2015 we started Progressive Dairy en français (in French).


However, our story is not one without detours and setbacks. In 2006, we began publishing El Lechero, a bilingual magazine dedicated to helping English- and Spanish-speaking herd managers learn the skills needed to excel in their roles. The magazine was happily received by the dairy community. Yet, it was not sustainable, and in 2015 it was discontinued as a separate magazine. The archives of the magazine have been digitized here. Spanish content can be found periodically as pages within Progressive Dairy and Progressive Cattle.

It is not in our nature to stay dormant, and we look forward to new opportunities in the future.

Our newest magazine is Idaho Ag Proud, launched 2019. This magazine is mailed only to producers in Idaho, although you can access all of that magazine’s content on our supersite 

Please email or call us at (208) 324-7513 with feedback on what you’d like to see in our magazines.

If your business would like to reach our farmer audience through advertising, please email here. Contact information for our other departments can be found here.