In a recent poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “How many years from now will you retire from ranching?”

A few readers are towards the end of their career. Those with fewer than five years before retirement totaled to be only 4.8 percent.

In a combined vote (total of 45.6 percent), those who are in the middle of their career cast the majority of the votes. About a quarter (22.9 percent) of online readers said that they would be retiring within a decade. Another 27.7 percent said that they plan to retire within 20 years.

The most popular individual answer was “more than 20 years to go” with about 45 percent of the vote. These producers are still in the first years of their career, and retirement is a far-off glimmer.  end mark

How many years from now will you retire from ranching?

  • Fewer than five: 4.8%

  • Within 10 years: 22.9%

  • Within 20 years: 27.7%

  • More than 20 years to go: 44.6%