Cattle slaughter totaled 2.71 million head, up 10 percent from June 2015. The total includes about 223,700 dairy cows. The average live weight was up 3 pounds from the previous year, at 1,335 pounds.

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Beef steer and heifer slaughter totaled 2.18 million head in June 2016, up from 2.01 million in April and 1.98 million in June 2015.

Beef cow slaughter totaled 219,000 in June 2016, up from 209,800 head in May and 181,700 in June a year ago.

Both June 2015 and 2016 contained 22 weekdays and four Saturdays.

At 865 pounds, average steer carcass dressed weights were up 33 pounds from May, but about 2 pounds lighter than June 2015. Heifer dressed carcass weights averaged 795 pounds, down 1 pound from May and 3 pounds lighter than a year earlier.


Cow (dairy and beef cows combined) dressed carcass weights averaged 646 pounds, up 2 pounds from May and 1 pound lighter than a year ago.

Through the first six months of 2016, steers slaughtered under federal inspection were estimated at 8 million head, about 598,600 more than January-June 2015. Heifer slaughter totaled 3.68 million, down about 82,000 head. Beef cow slaughter totaled 1.22 million head, up about 94,300 from a year earlier.  end mark

Download the USDA Livestock Slaughter report.

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