The XRM Bale Beds offer many of the same features as the company’s original pivot squeeze bale beds. The bale arms pivot open and close from 120 to 24 inches wide, helping them grab bales of various sizes. They also have a swivel spinner design, so the spinners always remain parallel to the bale for better results when unrolling hay.

On bale beds powered by DewEze under-hood hydraulic kits, a wireless remote comes standard for controlling all bale bed functions from inside or outside the cab. The company also offers several electric-over-hydraulic options to power the bale beds, which have an optional wireless remote. Other standard features include dual lift cylinders, a receiver hitch with D-rings, enclosed gooseneck well with adjustable hitch placement, solid dummy arms with tie-down hooks, LED lighting, a corrosion-resistant GatorHyde surface and easy-access rear hydraulic couplers.

The Hay Manager Calf/Life Saver

Calf/Live Saver enables space to care for calf

Prepare for the next calving season with the Calf/Life Saver manufactured by The Hay Manager of Trent, South Dakota.

The unit consists of a wire mesh cage framed to protect the producer from a protective dam. The cage is 4 by 5 feet in size, with a unit able to position itself over the calf and the producer to get into the cage and open the floor doors on the bottom.

The producer can give shots, tag ears, band bulls, in addition to other tasks, while protected from the cow.


The cage stands 13 inches above the ground with two false-hinged doors able to be used as a floor. The calf can be picked up onto one side of the floor, allowing the other side to go down.

Once inside the cage, the calf can be carried to another location for getting warmed up and nursed by the dam. An additional door on the front allows a calf to be released or removed to another location. This door can be released from the back of the cage by pulling a cable.

The unit is a quick attachment that can be added for a skid steer, loader or three-point hitch. To learn more, go to The Hay Manager website.

RumiLife Electrolyte M supplement

Genex introduces RumiLife Electrolyte M supplement

Genex Cooperative Inc. is now marketing RumiLife Electrolyte nutritional supplement, a ready-to-use oral electrolyte specifically formulated for mature dairy and beef cattle.

This product helps maintain normal hydration, electrolyte balance and dry matter intake during periods of stress. Designed to drive water intake, the potassium-packed electrolyte will help cattle stay on track to beat the heat or other stress-induced situations. The product is highly palatable and includes dextrose, sucrose and lactose for added energy.

“With summer here, the RumiLife Electrolyte M supplement is a great way to help ensure producers’ bottom lines don’t suffer due to heat stress in cattle,” said the company’s resale product manager, Bob East. “It can be used to help cattle maintain their feed intake and normal activity levels in stressed situations.”

It can be added to a drench for sick, fresh or dehydrated cows, added into a total mixed ration, top dressed onto feed or added directly to water tanks during times of heat stress and before or after transport.

For more information, go to the Genex website.

JCB mid-range wheel loader

JCB boosts mid-range wheel loader features

JCB is upgrading its mid-range wheel loader range, introducing the proven DNA from its range-topping 457 wheel loader to the 427 and 437 models, along with the smaller 411 and 417 loaders.

Key features include:

  • The CommandPlus Cab delivers class-leading comfort and visibility
  • Innovative CommandPlus Control system
  • Tier 4 Final and Stage IV compliant engines with no costly diesel particulate filter
  • Single-piece hood for improved service access
  • Range of loader arms to suit various industry applications
  • Optional Wastemaster package available

In line with the company’s overall emissions policy, both of these engines meet the latest emissions standards without the use of a costly diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing operating costs and complexity for the customer.

All Tier 4 Final wheel loaders now feature a single-piece engine hood that can be electrically or manually raised to provide improved service access to the engine and cooling pack. The machines drive through automatic powershift transmissions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

All four machines feature fine mesh front grills to trap larger particles before the air enters a cyclonic pre-filter. The engine cooling fan provides a cyclonic scavenge system to remove dust particles from the pre-cleaner, rather than using hotter exhaust gases to deliver the cyclonic action. Wide core cooling packs reduce dust accumulation, cutting the downtime required to blow out radiator cores. The single-piece hood also helps to provide a seal around the engine bay, cutting dust and dirt ingress. A reversible cooling fan is available as an option.

For more information, visit the JCB website.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Cattleman staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by The Hay Maker, DewEze, Genex Cooperative Inc. and JCB.