The turning of seasons, particularly the transition of summer to fall, poses a critical challenge for livestock as weather and temperature fluctuations can lead to certain types of food shortages, less nutrient-rich feed and changes in livestock’s homeostasis.

To combat the potential risks of the changing of seasons, Bio S.I. Technology provides farmers with Jackpot, an all-natural probiotic formula that improves an animal’s ability to absorb nutrients from food during digestion and to keep livestock healthy when challenging conditions occur.

As temperatures decrease, so does the quantity and quality of the pasture. Not only does vegetation decrease in nutrient content, the daily grow cycle is not as consistent as in the spring and summer months. The mix of warm sunny days and cool nights prohibits the full synthesis of sugars in grasses.

Grasses manufacture sugars during these warm sunny days, but will not use the sugars to fuel growth during the night if the temperature is too cold. This leads to increased concentration of stored sugars in the plants, and may increase the risk of digestive upset or laminitis in some horses.

These livestock probiotics bring beneficial, soil-borne microbes found in nature to your animals. Normally, the microbes are picked up from the soil while animals are grazing, but given times of shortage of grazing area, livestock cannot maintain proper amounts of these microbes in their digestive systems. By adding this product to the drinking water, you will see them look and perform better, rather than being affected by the conditions of fall.


The weather changes don’t just alter livestock’s food, but also affect them directly. The colder weather makes livestock have to work more to maintain homeostasis, an ability of any living thing to regulate its vital conditions at a consistent level.

Typically, your cattle will need larger quantities of nutritious feed to flourish amidst cooler temperatures throughout autumn, speeding up its metabolism to compensate for body heat lost.

Additionally, numerous studies have shown a decrease in the ability to digest certain nutrients in cattle during prolonged exposure to cold weather. With this product, they will have the ability to absorb nutrients more effectively, allowing them to gain weight, yet eat less.

This safeguards the livestock against losing weight as a result of trying to keep warm and also prepares them for the winter months, in which harsher temperature will demand even more internal body heat regulation.

These livestock probiotics prevent livestock from digestive maladies, as the microbes help to maintain their digestive track. Additionally, this product is all-natural with no preservatives, heavy metals or added chemicals to prevent further problems with digestion.  end mark

—From Bio S.I. Technology news release

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