When fed as part of a specific premix formula (DD Premix Formula), according to the company, it offers a novel nutritional solution to help provide protection against digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts) by helping animals resist the development of painful lesions in contaminated environments.

It contains a combination of complexed zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt and potassium iodide.

DD Premix Formula in bag packaging

"Improving trace mineral nutrition within a well-fortified diet has been shown to help cattle build stronger skin integrity and a more empowered immune system from the inside out," says Mike Socha, a regional RNS manager for the company.

he said. "The bacteria that are thought to cause digital dermatitis have the ability to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, so building a more resilient barrier against the bacteria is key to preventing the disease from taking hold."

Treating digital dermatitis without recurrence of lesions is extremely difficult once the disease progresses and reaches the chronic stage. Footbaths and topical antibiotics are used widely to prevent and treat digital dermatitis, but each of these treatments comes with its own set of challenges.


Additional measures for controlling digital dermatitis in cattle include combating risk factors by implementing good hygiene, sound biosecurity practices, and understanding whether animals suffer chronically from the disease or only on a single occasion.  end mark

—From Zinpro Corp. news release

Photo courtesy of Zinpro.