The attachable ink stamps mark the location of the injection, signifying which products have been administered and encouraging proper placement. Also, the lockable needle guard reduces needle breakage during injection and prevents accidental needle sticks, ensuring food and operator safety.

The injector has both tube-fed and bottle mount options to work with the product you are administering. The dose chambers are available in multiple sizes, and the handle is reusable.

The ergonomic handle is designed for operator comfort. The balanced injector comes equipped with a two-stage trigger technique to reduce trigger finger and provide a relaxed, comfortable grip for sustained use.

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2. Macrosyn from Bimeda


Bimeda U.S. recently launched Macrosyn, the first brand alternative tulathromycin available for the top-selling injectable antibiotic product in the U.S., for use to treat specific conditions caused by specific bacteria susceptible to tulathromycin.

In beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, Macrosyn is approved for the control and treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), bovine foot rot and pinkeye. In suckling calves, Macrosyn is approved for the treatment of BRD.

In gaining approval from the FDA, Macrosyn was granted the same label claims as Draxxin and is bioequivalent to the pioneer product in active ingredient and inactive ingredients (including carriers and excipients), strength, dosage form and route of administration.

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Whisper on Arrival

3. Whisper On Arrival from Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health recently released breakthrough technology Whisper On Arrival. It is the only precision tool on the market today that predicts which animals will benefit from treatment for the control of BRD.

Consisting of a new sound collection device and a predictive algorithm, Whisper On Arrival is another example of how smart technology is helping cattle operations. The technology was developed exclusively for feedlot and backgrounded cattle on arrival. Based on individual animal examination, the algorithm calculates each animal’s risk of developing BRD and provides a simple “treat” or “no treat” outcome. The technology identifies which cattle are likely to respond to antimicrobial therapy for BRD control while conversely leaving the remaining population untreated.

Visit Merck Animal Health USA for more information.

BaseLyte calf supplements

4. BaseLyte calf supplements from Bio-Vet

Calf BaseLyte powder and BaseLyte liquid (pictured) formulas are electrolyte/nutritional supplements containing balanced electrolyte salts with dextrose and glycine to maximize sodium absorption in dehydrated, scouring calves. Contain alkalizing agents to help calves manage acidosis during diarrhea, along with water-soluble B vitamins lost during dehydration.

BaseLyte Liquid is extremely convenient, with little to no mixing needed. Convenient pumps available to eliminate need for measuring. Calf BaseLyte powder mixes easily and is readily consumed by calves. Calf BaseLyte powder also provides beneficial intestinal organisms and prebiotics to support healthy gut microbial balance. It’s available in multiple sizes from convenient individual feeding pouches to 250 feeding bulk bags.

Both feature all metabolizable base (acetate and propionate) alkalizing agents and meet the criteria for electrolyte levels, glucose levels and osmolality as recommended by leading university researchers.

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5. FB1200 from Fairbanks Scales Inc.

Fairbanks Scales Inc. announces its new FB1200 Industrial Scale Instrument, designed for basic applications using analog bench scales, floor scales, tank assemblies or livestock scales.

Fairbanks Scales FB1200 is a flexible, economical solution for basic industrial weighing applications. With a range of features and multiple communication options, the FB1200 can fulfill a variety of customer needs. Among general-purpose instruments on today’s market, the FB1200 is unique in that it has several “beyond basic” functions and features, including digital inputs and outputs that simplify its integration with other aspects of an operation.

The simple, seven-key interface has oversized buttons for power, units, zero, b/g net, tare and print as well as a single function key to access the more advanced features of the instrument.

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Photos courtesy: of Datamars Livestock, Bimeda U.S., Merck Animal Health, Bio-Vet and Fairbanks Scales Inc.