Bovaer from Elanco and Royal DSM

The strategic alliance connects two sustainability leaders, Elanco, a leading animal health company; and Royal DSM, a health, nutrition and biosciences company, to accelerate tangible sustainable solutions in the U.S., supporting the Global Methane Pledge goal of cutting emissions 30% by 2030.

Elanco gains exclusive licensing rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize Bovaer in the U.S. Royal DSM will receive royalty income from Elanco’s U.S. Bovaer sales, including a single-digit millions upfront payment, as well as a portion of product supply from Elanco.

This alliance will nearly double the announced global supply potential of Bovaer, giving more farmers the opportunity to reduce methane emissions, creating value and positive environmental impact, contributing to health for the planet.

Learn more at the Elanco website.

EfficienZ from Purina

The new EfficienZ fermentation product from Purina is a non-nutritive feed additive available in select Purina supplements to support feed efficiency and help improve feed conversion in finishing cattle rations by optimizing rumen function.


The feed additive allows producers to optimize feed-to-gain conversion and fermentation of feedstuffs in an easy, cost-effective way.

Performance research data, with the support of fermentation study results, suggests that when compared to a control group, cattle fed EfficienZ fermentation product have:

  • Improved feed-to-gain conversion leading to fewer days on feed or heavier outweights
  • Greater daily dry matter intake supplying more energy and nutrients to cattle
  • Improved carcass quality leading to an increased percentage of cattle grading USDA Prime or Choice
  • Optimized volatile fatty acid production increasing propionate-to-acetate ratio, supporting fermentation efficiency and the production and availability of energy

Learn more at the Purina Mills website.

56201-new-products-3.jpgPhoto courtesy of FeverTags.

Data collection tag from FeverTags

FeverTags LLC of Dallas, Texas, has partnered with Digi International to produce a connected data tag that detects disease within cattle before it spreads to the herd. The new connected data tag collects and records animal data such as health, treatment, identification, location and ownership chain, providing a Cattle Passport. FeverTags has six issued patents in several countries along with multiple trademarks and is the only device measuring real-time, undisturbed temperature in cattle. The tags have logged billions of data points in real-world use.

Product features include:

  • Real-time temperature monitoring in an undisturbed state
  • Notification of sick animals sent to various approved stakeholders
  • Animal is easily identified via flashing light on the tag
  • Tag continues to monitor after treatment to gauge effectiveness of treatment
  • Treatment protocol may be entered and tracked
  • Immediate and measurable economic returns on tag usage

Learn more at the FeverTags website.

56201-new-products-1.jpgPhoto courtesy of Smidley Manufacturing Inc.

Calf feeders from Smidley Manufacturing Inc.

Smidley Manufacturing Inc. calf, sheep and lamb feeders. Much like their widely used Steer Stuffers, these feeders are constructed with the highest-quality materials including MDX, Douglas fir and stainless steel.

These feeders will be offered in multiple configurations to meet various applications and are readily available.

Product features include:

  • Equipped with swinging agitators that let you fine-tune your feed flow to your needs
  • Constructed with high-quality Douglas fir framing and Medex
  • Higher-quality white oak base and runners
  • Stainless steel covers feed floor
  • Hood over trough area helps keep feed dry
  • Two coats of specially formulated Smidley non-toxic paint
  • Customers report a significant increase in rate of gain over hand feeding
  • Customers also report healthier calves – timid calves are able to receive their rations

Learn more at the Smidley Manufacturing website.

56201-new-products-2.jpgPhoto courtesy of Fecon.

FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher from Fecon

Fecon introduces the FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher for compact excavators. Designed for 3.5- to 8-ton compact excavators with hydraulic flows from 12 to 40 gpm, the FMX28 is optimized for those in the 3.5- to 5-ton range. This new mulcher model features 14 flippable knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor to achieve a 28-inch cutting width. Aftermarket carbide tools are available for ground-engaging applications. Ideal as an entry-level vegetation management tool, the FMX28 can replace workers wielding chainsaws and hand crews, making the technology much safer and more productive, especially when working on slopes. The unique rear throat design ensures no unprocessed material is left behind, thus maximizing productivity when sweeping along the ground. Capable of mulching overgrowth, underbrush and small trees to 5 inches in diameter, it is ideal for clearing property lines, pastureland, fencerows, invasive species removal and more.

Weighing in at 750 pounds, the FMX28 features a compact body design, and a downward front discharge mitigates thrown debris. Designed to efficiently mulch while maintaining high rotor RPMs, this new model quickly spools up to maximize recovery and minimize downtime. A variable displacement piston motor drives a polychain anti-slip belt for increased torque. A smooth cutting chamber increases material flow while minimizing HP draw.

Learn more at the Fecon website.