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Business Digest Highlights

New Products

Waikato Milking Systems USA introduces the Waikato North American Hygiene Program

Waikato Milking Systems USA launched the Waikato North American Hygiene Program aimed at matching on-farm hygiene and sanitation challenges with efficient and profitable custom solutions. The new program includes a full line of teat dips, detergents, sanitizers and other cleaning options.

The new hygiene program includes the OptiBlend Precision Hygiene Blending System, an on-farm mixing technology that allows farmers to formulate their own blend of chlorine dioxide based on their herd health requirements.


“Chlorine dioxide is the most effective hygiene agent,” says Jeff Giles, Waikato America’s aftermarket service manager. “However, the industry has struggled to fully maximize this technology at the farm level. Producers have been paying for chlorine dioxide products that not only include extra and costly water weight, but also those that are already pre-mixed in standard ratios, removing the ability to adapt and customize a solution based on specific herd needs.”

Visit Waikato Milking Systems USA for more information.

Industry news

Michael Joseph Gamroth leaves behind legacy

Michael Joseph Gamroth of Corvallis, Oregon, passed away on April 10, 2022, at the age of 71. Gamroth was born on January 15, 1951, in Salem, Oregon, to Joseph and Marie (Huber) Gamroth. He grew up in Woodburn, Oregon, and later attended Oregon State University (OSU). In 1973, he earned a Bachelor of Science in animal science and a Masters in 1980. Gamroth worked 40 years for OSU teaching, doing research and extension work with dairy farmers. His work also extended to animal welfare consulting in retirement as well as co-chair of the Western Dairy Management Conference. In his off time, Gamroth enjoyed hiking, camping, gardening, cooking – and if his kids and grandkids were part of it, all the better. He is survived by his former spouse Alice Bochsler Gamroth, son Dennis (Sharon), daughter Korin (Brett) Stegall, grandchildren Josie and Jay Stegall, brother Patrick, and sisters Phyllis, Lucia and Margi.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the OSU Foundation Dairy Sciences Experiential Learning Endowment Fund (6220-135050).

A simple, cost-effective activity monitoring solution is now available

Datamars Livestock launched the Tru-Test Active Tag, a simple and cost-effective activity monitoring system. The system, available as either an eartag or neck collar, delivers the benefits of activity monitoring with efficient installation and minimal peripheral hardware, leading to a cost-effective activity monitoring solution.

The system provides access to real-time heat detection data. A multimetric analysis on individual cow behavior enables more accurate and timely heat detection, improving labor efficiency and reducing costs associated with timed A.I. The system also identifies and monitors events such as feeding, rumination, resting and activity to monitor animal welfare and signal a potential adverse health event.

A single data gateway is mounted in a high-traffic area, such as the parlor holding area. Individual cow behavior is recorded 24-7 by an eartag or neck collar and linked to each animal’s electronic animal identification tag. Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud whenever an animal is within 500 meters of the data gateway.

Since it’s a cloud-based system, data can be accessed from anywhere on a computer or mobile device as long as there is an internet connection. The herd nutritionist and veterinarian can have access to the data as well.

Visit Datamars Livestock for more information.

Merck Animal Health introduces herd health tool and feedlot diseases app

Merck Animal Health introduced two new tools to bring important cattle health information to cattle producers’ fingertips. The Merck Animal Health Herd Health Manager guides producers and their veterinarians to build a customized herd health plan and then encourages them to print out a record to share the information at marketing. The Merck Animal Health “Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas” app shares comprehensive photos of diseases that impact feedlot cattle.

The tool includes the PrimeVAC preconditioning herd health protocols. Beef and dairy options are available, and both versions enable print and email summaries in English and Spanish. Visit Herd Health Manager to create a password-protected account.

The Feedlot Diseases Atlas app provides photographs of diseases impacting feedlot cattle. It includes more than 700 educational, high-resolution images of diseases encountered in cattle production, along with brief educational descriptions.

A keyword search function is offered, and the content is organized by the various body systems. It is available in English, Spanish and French. The app works without internet connection. The app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet within the app store. Both are free of charge. Go to Merck Animal Health for more information.

Elanco and Royal DSM announce strategic alliance in U.S. for Bovaer

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated and Royal DSM have created a strategic alliance connecting two leading, sustainability-focused companies to address mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming. Elanco has secured the exclusive U.S. licensing rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize Bovaer for beef and dairy cattle.

The product is a methane-reducing innovative feed additive for beef and dairy cattle, already available in Europe, Brazil, Chile and Australia. More than 50 peer-reviewed studies and 48 on-farm trials in 14 countries show the additive consistently reduces enteric methane emissions by approximately 30% for dairy cows and even higher percentages for beef cattle.

Visit Elanco Animal Health or Royal DSM for more information.

NeoSpectra by Si-Ware partners with AB Vista’s Aunir to offer customers affordable NIR calibration choices for in-field analysis

NeoSpectra by Si-Ware announced a partnership with AB Vista’s Aunir. The partnership will give customers subscription-based access to all Aunir INGOT NIR calibration models on the NeoSpectra LabStore to empower in-field analysis and decision-making across animal feed, feed ingredients, flour and milling, pet food, aquafeed, forages, animal byproducts, plant breeders and other specialty products.

Visit Aunir for more information.

Cargill to expand nutrient research and development capabilities of its Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Center

Cargill is expanding and renovating its Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Elk River, Minnesota. Along with a facility in Velddriel, The Netherlands and the soon-to-be-operating Changrong R&D center in China, the Elk River site serves as a hub of the company’s global network of 15 animal nutrition research and technology application centers.

The nearly $50 million investment will upgrade animal facilities including a new dairy innovation unit, construct a larger on-site feed mill, create a visitors space and build a state-of-the-art laboratory for nutrient research and development. April 19 marked the official groundbreaking for the upgraded facility that will open in spring 2023.

Organization news

Farm safety videos and free safety signs available for dairy producers this spring

The Center for Dairy Excellence and the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (PDMP) have a series of farm safety videos available to help dairy producers share simple safety reminders with farm employees this spring. The “Seconds for Your Safety” videos, designed to be approximately 60 seconds in length, are available in both English and Spanish and can be watched and shared easily on a computer or cellphone.

The Center and PDMP also have free sets of farm safety signs available to help producers display important safety reminders throughout their facilities. Six different signs are available in the set, including a blank one producers can customize for their operations. English and Spanish are both included on the signs.

Visit The Center for Dairy Excellence or call (717) 346-0849 to request safety signs to be mailed to you while supplies last. Visit The Center for Dairy Excellenc - farm safety to watch the farm safety videos published in the series.

Professional Dairy Producers Foundation grant applications due June 1

Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is offering grants of up to $5,000 for new or unique programs for dairy producer-focused initiatives. Grant applications for the upcoming round of funding are due June 1.

The independent grant selection committee will search for applications that focus on raising up the next generation of dairy producers, growing and maintaining public trust in the people and products of dairy, and building the skills of producers. Organizations with a tax status of 501(c)(3) or (5) may apply.

Email or visit Dairy Foundation - grant seekers for more information.

Dairy Farmers of America announces startup companies for 2022 CoLab Accelerator program

A nutrient management solution for agricultural wastewater, in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology for the farm and a new caffeinated, high-protein chocolate milk beverage for adults are just a few of the startup companies selected to participate in the 2022 DFA CoLAB Accelerator program.

Introducing the 2022 class:

  • Cattle Scan (Guelph, Canada) – Real-time monitoring technology that measures the biometrics of individual cattle, starting with temperature. Data can be accessed on a cloud-based platform and allows farmers to improve the overall health of their herds.
  • The Hago Energetics Company (Camarillo, California) – Aims to helps farms, either cattle or dairy, convert waste, like manure, into fuel cell grade hydrogen using a patented carbon negative approach that does not involve hydrolysis. This hydrogen is expected to sell at a lower cost and have a lower carbon footprint than current methods.
  • Lemna (Gilbert, Arizona) – Provides a comprehensive nutrient management solution for agricultural wastewater through the use of duckweed (aquatic plants) in a controlled growth system. The duckweed also has the potential to provide farmers with a new revenue stream.
  • ReproHealth Technologies (Indianapolis, Indiana) – An innovative, patent-pending device that brings IVF technology to the farm. Founders believe the device could potentially double cattle embryo production and reduce reproduction costs.
  • Smack’d (Lehi, Utah) – Aims to develop a delicious adult chocolate milk beverage that is high in protein, low in sugar and caffeinated.
  • Lyras (Aalborg, Denmark) – Developed a UV-light cold pasteurization technology that uses 90% less energy and 60% less water compared to traditional pasteurization.

Since launching six years ago, the DFA CoLAB Accelerator has worked with 32 companies and has continued to work with the majority of these companies in some capacity. To date, 94% of the alumni companies are still in business today.

Visit DFA CoLAB for more information.