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Business Digest Highlights

New Products

Bazooka Farmstar announces new agitation solution

Bazooka Farmstar released its latest addition to its agitation product category, the Renegade agitation trailer.

The trailer has been designed in collaboration with experienced end-users to provide an agitation solution that is efficient and overall easy-to-use. This trailer-bound agitation solution is compact, making transport and setup on the job site quick and simple. The highly maneuverable, triple-section boom structure can reach a below-grade pumping depth of 14 feet. The trailer is equipped with two agitation nozzles that rotate 180 degrees and thoroughly agitate manure pits. It consistently and reliably hits 2900 GPM with the standard configuration featuring a 15-inch submersible pump, 173 horsepower John Deere engine and 125cc hydrostat motor.


The trailer has an LED light halo complete with six lights total for 360-degree coverage around the trailer. The trailer has 13 square feet of built-in storage on the front side for convenient parts and tool storage. All of the functions can operate remotely.

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Case IH adds 2150S Early Riser model to planter portfolio

With the 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter, Case IH brings a productivity-boosting, split-row configuration to its lineup of 2000 Series Early Riser planters. A 525-gallon fertilizer tank capacity – along with 100 bushels of seed capacity and optional individual tank scales – enables operators to cover more acres between fills and make the most of their time in the field.

The planter lets operators take advantage of the benefits of narrow row plantings with a range of configurations, including 23, 24, 31 or 32 rows with 15-inch spacing or 24 rows with 20-inch spacing.

In-cab hydraulic row unit lift control allows operators to easily convert from 15- to 30-inch spacing with no manual lifting or tools required. When planting in a split-row configuration, an industry-leading row unit offset of nearly 50 inches helps increase residue flow while minimizing plugging opportunities.

Exceptional ground-following capabilities are made possible by a wing flex of plus or minus 15 degrees combined with plus or minus 8 inches of row unit travel. This ensures the row units remain in contact with soil, even in rugged terrain. Optional hydraulic wing downforce ensures proper seed depth control on the wings, while the agronomically designed Early Riser row unit provides excellent seed placement across the entire planter.

With a front-fold frame design, the planter delivers a narrow transport width of 13 feet – and a simple on-screen, step-by-step, folding-and-unfolding system provides a smooth and quick transition from transport to field operation. Operators also gain in-cab hydraulic control of all rear subframe row units.

The trailing planter is available to order for spring 2023. Tank options include the planter-frame-mounted 525-gallon tank capacity and a pull-hitch towed fertilizer cart option.

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Industry News

Kolb Dairy Inc. awarded 2021 Form-A-Feed outstanding dairy

Kolb Dairy Inc. of Paynesville, Minnesota, was awarded the 2021 Form-A-Feed Outstanding Dairy of the Year Award at the Form-A-Feed Professional Dairy Conference at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, Minnesota, on Jan. 13.

Kolb Dairy Inc. is a century dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota, established in 1861 and is in its fifth and sixth generation, currently owned by Theresa Kolb, Mike Kolb and Tanya Guck, David and Nicole Kolb, Leon Kolb and Jason Kolb. They are currently milking 440 cows, farm about 2,000 tillable acres and manage five farm sites with the help of family and six full-time employees.

Each year, the Form-A-Feed Outstanding Dairy Award winner selects a person or organization from their community to be awarded with the Wayne Quinn monetary award. This year, the Kolbs chose the St. Martin Fire Department for the Wayne Quinn Award to help purchase more recovery equipment for bin rescues.

Starbar products expands insect control lineup with launch of Exhalt WDG Insect Growth Regulator

Featuring two methods of application, Exhalt WDG Insect Growth Regulator protects livestock by causing a gradual reduction in insect populations and interrupting the life cycles of nuisance pests.

The growth regulator is a granular product that may be applied dry or dispersed into water and applied as a liquid spray, and is approved for use in and around poultry, cattle, equine and swine operations. The active ingredient, novaluron, is an IGR that provides control by interrupting the life cycles of labeled insects and causing a gradual reduction in the population.

The growth regulator may also be combined or tank-mixed and applied as a coarse spray with an EPA-registered insecticide. The combination of an adulticide and the product will provide immediate control of labeled adult insects while inhibiting the immature stages from developing into adults.

The elimination of adult insects occurs gradually and becomes apparent one to two weeks after application.

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OpenDairy launches digital marketplace for the dairy trading industry

OpenDairy launched its innovative managed marketplace set to revolutionize the traditional dairy trading industry. The platform enables buyers and sellers of dairy commodities to connect and trade with each other directly and transparently. It makes transactions more efficient and saves value in the dairy chain.

OpenDairy’s online marketplace ensures a transparent and seamless trading process for all parties involved. It is free to use; sellers and buyers only pay a fee per transaction.

Buyers are able to submit their requirements and specifications, and the platform’s smart system will match the right suppliers for each product. Sellers, on the other hand, are able to upload their offers for worldwide buyers to view and react to. To facilitate a full-service experience to platform users, the company has integrated logistic and financing services.

The company has partnered with leading financial and credit partners to ensure sellers are paid quickly and buyers enjoy extended payment terms. The platform has integrated financing functionalities.

It collaborates with logistics and transportation experts to handle all transportation and documents that clients are able to deal with directly through the platform.

The platform’s centralized order management allows for simple and transparent processes.

The platform allows buyers and sellers to follow their orders in real time for more accurate logistics information and peace of mind.

A two-way rating system ensures ultimate transparency and professionalism. Users can rate each other post-transaction, and this information is made public.

During the pilot phase in 2021, the platform generated multiple trades between buyers and sellers all over Europe. In 2022, the company expects to reach a trading volume of 40.000 tonnes.

Email Martihn Goedhart or Hans Caspers for more information.

Select Sires regrets to inform farmer-owners of GAMEDAY’s passing

Veterinary staff from Select Sires Inc. and experts from Ohio State University provided extensive care to 7HO15167 GAMEDAY prior to his passing in mid-January. The sire’s death was the result of gastrointestinal ailments that could not be reversed. With limited product in inventory, GAMEDAY semen will be exclusively available to NxGEN members at this time.

The sire’s elite rank should not go unnoticed. This sire continues to be a breed-leader with +3033 GTPI, +1,055 Net Merit (NM$), +1,082 Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$) and +1,066 Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$).

Visit  Select Sires Inc.for more information. The company thanks RMD Dairy Farm Ltd. of Rittman, Ohio, for their partnership in developing GAMEDAY.

Organization news

World Dairy Expo 2022 judges span globe

World Dairy Expo announced the individuals selected to serve as associate judges of the expo’s 2022 Dairy Cattle Show. The event returns to Madison, Wisconsin, Oct. 2-7, with the Dairy Cattle Show held in the Coliseum, Oct. 3-7. The complete slate of individuals who will serve as judges are as follows:

International Ayrshire Show: Oct. 5-6

  • Official: Chad Ryan, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Associate: Mandy Bue, Freedom, Wisconsin

International Brown Swiss Show: Oct. 4-5

  • Official: Gerrit DeBruin, Lake Mills, Wisconsin
  • Associate: Hayden Hauschildt, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

International Guernsey Show: Oct. 4

  • Official: Phillip Topp, Botkins, Ohio
  • Associate: Tim Abbott, Enosburg, Vermont

International Holstein Show: Oct. 6-7

  • Official: Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
  • Associate: Richard Landry, Ste-Brigitte-des-Saults, Quebec, Canada

International Junior Holstein Show: Oct. 3

  • Official: Pat Conroy, Angola, Indiana
  • Associate: Callum McKinven, Canton de Hatley, Quebec, Canada

International Jersey Show: Oct. 3-4

  • Official: Keith Topp, Botkins, Ohio
  • Associate: Ryan Krohlow, Poynette, Wisconsin

International Milking Shorthorn Show: Oct. 3

  • Official: Joe Sparrow, Worthville, Kentucky
  • Associate: Matt Fry, Chestertown, Maryland

International Red & White Show: Oct. 5- 6

  • Official: Pat Lundy, Granville, New York
  • Associate: Gary Jones, Gorey, Country Wexford, Ireland

Visit World Dairy Expo for more information.

Mary Knigge recognized as 2022 Young Dairy Leaders Institute Distinguished Alumni Leader

The Holstein Foundation has selected Mary Knigge of Falls Church, Virginia, as the 2022 Young Dairy Leaders Institute Distinguished Alumni Leader. Knigge completed Class 6 of YDLI early in her career and says the experience helped her to identify her unique strengths and skill set. It was also the foundation for many meaningful connections with others in the dairy industry.

Knigge is currently the vice president of government relations for Dairy Farmers of America. Prior to that, she spent eight years working for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Agriculture and seven years with the National Milk Producers Federation.

Outside of her career in the dairy industry and government relations for Dairy Farmers of America, she currently serves on the Dairy Girl Network Board and is involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture. She has also volunteered with the National Dairy Shrine as a publicity committee member and scholarship judge.

Knigge was honored during the YDLI Class 12, Phase I program held Feb. 15-18 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Visit Holstein Foundation for more information.

Dairy West board announces 2022 leadership changes

Dairy West’s board appointed three new directors. John Brubaker, who represents Idaho Dairy Products Commission District II and owns Knott Run Dairy in Buhl, will fill seat 2 and serve until March 2025. Pete Wiersma, Idaho Dairy Association president and owner of Fairview Dairy in Buhl, will fill seat 5 and serve until March 2025. Debra Reeves, co-owner of White Harvest Farms in Buhl, will fill the newly added seat 9 and serve until March 2023.

The board is staggering seat 9 by one year to fit it into the proper rotation. Meanwhile, outgoing Dairy West board chair Steve Ballard resigned seat 8 at the end of December, with the Idaho Dairy Products Commission slated to appoint his replacement, who will serve until March 2025, this March.

The Dairy West board elected its slate of new officers, with Fullmer Farms owner Chace Fullmer of Sigurd, Utah, serving as chair. Brubaker was named vice chair. Heglar Creek Farms owner Josh Webb of Declo, Idaho, was elected treasurer. And Leak Family Farm owner Matt Leak of Cornish, Utah, will serve as secretary. Their terms run from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2022.

Changes were also announced for Dairy West’s Idaho and Utah Division directors represented by the Idaho Dairy Products Commission and the Utah Dairy Council, respectively.

The Idaho Dairy Products Commission announced new Idaho division directors to Dairy West. Brubaker was named to seat 2, Wiersma will assume seat 5, and Ballard will occupy seat 8, with their terms expiring in March 2025. Reeves was elected to seat 9, with her term expiring in March 2023.

The Idaho Dairy Products Commission also elected a slate of new officers. Sun Ridge Dairy co-owner Mike Siegersma of Nampa was named chair. Diamond 3 Dairy owner Brian Esplin of Shelley will serve as vice chair. Dairy West training and development manager Melinda Wolfe was appointed secretary. Their terms run from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2022.

At the Utah Dairy Council, Tuleview Holsteins co-owner Jeff Hardy of Brigham City was named Utah division director to Dairy West, with his term expiring Dec. 31, 2024. Hardy was also elected chair of the UDC board, with Roberts Dairy owner David Roberts of Beaver and Under the Hill Dairy owner Malarik Harrison of Myton serving as vice chairman and secretary, respectively. Their terms expire in November 2022.

The United Dairy Industry Association’s board of directors elected Brubaker treasurer at its recent annual meeting. His three-year term on the board ends Dec. 31, 2023. The group is a federation of state and regional dairy farmer-funded promotion organizations that provide marketing programs developed and implemented in coordination with its members.

Brubaker is one of five dairy farmers elected by their peers annually to represent Idaho and Utah on the UDIA board of directors. Esplin, Hardy and Kasper Dairy owner Tom Kasper from Melba, Idaho, were recently elected to serve on the UDIA board through Dec. 31, 2024. Leak replaced Fullmer on the UDIA board and will serve the remainder of his term ending Dec. 31, 2022.

Meanwhile, two Idaho dairy farmers serve on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board: White Harvest Farms co-owner Don Gaalswyk of Buhl and Korn Dairy owner Kim Korn of Terreton. 

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