This Progressive Dairy Podcast features the Progressive Dairy Producer Panel moderated by editor Peggy Coffeen at the Global Dairy Expo, held Dec. 8-10, in Las Vegas. Hear from these four top producers as they talk about core values, culture and what makes their operations different: Dick Bennink, North Florida Holsteins, Jared Yousey, Sunnyside Farms; Lyle Grimm, Riverview LLP; and Scott Blevins, Wiese Bros. Farms.

Season 4, Episode 1


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Don Bennink, North Florida Holsteins, on dairying in a challenging climate  [~1:50] 
  • Jared Yousey, Sunnyside Farms, on empowering people  [~16:30]
  • Lyle Grimm, Riverview LLP, on dairy building and construction  [~29:20]
  • Scott Blevins, Wiese Bros. Farms, on milk quality and managing dried manure solids for bedding [~ 41:00]


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