New Holland launches center-pivot disc mower-conditioners

New Holland Agriculture North America is launching the new Discbine Plus Series. For modern hay producers, New Holland understands they need equipment that improves their productivity and optimizes their quality to preserve valuable feed nutrients. That’s exactly what New Holland designed the Discbine Plus Series to help customers do.

These machines include a maneuverable center-pivot tongue and standard swivel gearbox hitch that permit confident, fast operation and easy, trouble-free headland turns. 

All Discbine Plus models utilize the MowMax II Plus disc cutterbar with the QuickMax knife-change system. This newly redesigned cutterbar delivers the cleanest cut yet from New Holland and commercial durability. It is similar to the cutterbar featured on Durabine Plus disc headers for Speedrower Plus self-propelled windrowers. 

Delivering a faster tip speed, the cutterbar comes equipped with longer knives. This slimmer cutterbar improves cut quality, while a 30% lower cutting height leaves less behind in down and tangled crops. For cleaner cutting in light or late-season crops, the reshaped rock guards enhance crop-to-knife engagement. 

—Excerpt from New Holland press release


Titan introduces Ultimate Flex Technology

Titan International Inc. (Titan) is excited to introduce its newest tire technology, Ultimate Flex Technology (UFT). Initially available for sprayer applications, the latest innovation combines the elements of conventional, increased flexion (IF) and very high flexion (VF) tires to create a universal solution. Titan UFT tires will allow farmers to quickly replace any sprayer tire without having to worry about what other standard, IF or VF tires are on the other wheel positions. It is also going to allow dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce quantities and complexities in their inventory. 

Tires that meet UFT classification are approved to run at 40% lower inflation pressures as a standard tire, which can help reduce soil compaction. If being used as a replacement tire, UFT tires must meet the inflation pressures of the other tires already installed on the machine. This tire provides all the benefits of VF tires, which can carry the same weight as standard tires but up to 40% lower inflation pressures. 

UFT tires can be set up to fit the customer's application and field conditions. For instance, if a customer is running a sprayer with a 1,200-gallon tank, they can have the inflation pressure set to 78 psi like a conventional tire. However, if they are looking to decrease ground-bearing pressure, they may want to set the pressure to 64 psi, which would be similar to an IF tire, or 50 psi for a VF tire. This would be particularly useful in wet clay soils where compaction has the greatest impact on yield.

The new technology is currently available in Titan’s R-1 row crop sprayer line: the Goodyear Ultra Sprayer. Initial sizes will include the 380/90R46 and 380/105R50. 

—Titan news release excerpts

56241-newproduct-nh-round-baler.jpgPhoto courtesy of New Holland.


New Holland adds 450 Utility Plus model

New Holland Agriculture North America is expanding its round baler offering with the launch of the all-new Pro-Belt Series and Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus model. Customers can expect a new class of performance and reliability with the Pro-Belt Series and proven Roll-Belt performance with the Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus. 

Pro-Belt round balers deliver maximum dependability and performance to enhance the productivity of professional haymakers and contractors. The Pro-Belt 450 and 460 build solid, square-shouldered bales time and time again. They feature heavy-duty components, like the TwinDrive gearbox, and more robust construction to enhance reliability for a higher bale count over the baler’s lifetime. 

Feeding excellence is the result of the MaxiSweep pickup and the impressive throughput of the SuperFeed rotary feeding system or 13- or 25-knife CropCutter rotary feeding and cutting system. Inside the chamber, customers will find a simple yet highly effective design with few moving parts paired with four wide premium endless belts to minimize maintenance. 

The ActiveDrop floor system is standard on all versions, minimizing the risk of crop plugging. To reduce periodic maintenance, automatic chain oiling and banked grease zerks are standard. An automatic greasing system and under-shield service lighting are controlled through the display and available. 

These balers deliver an intuitive user interface with advanced Isobus electronics. Available standard with premium electronics that work with customers' virtual terminal display and Isobus connection or the IntelliView IV 10.4-inch color touchscreen display. Operators can adjust numerous features and activate IntelliBale baler automation to automate the baling cycle with a compatible tractor. 

By combining an easy-to-use, reliable design with rugged performance for effortless production of dense 4-by-5 bales, the Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus can maintain a low-power requirement of just 45 PTO horsepower plus improved performance. The Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus also includes the new SuperSweep pickup design that is wider and has a mechanical stuffer, delivering improved feeding compared to the prior model. 

—Excerpt from New Holland press release

New winter wheat variety AP Exceed now available 

As wheat growers begin to make planting decisions for the winter wheat season, Syngenta is offering a new varietal option, AP Exceed. This new wheat variety helps Pacific Northwest wheat growers increase yield potential and resist common diseases this winter wheat planting season. 

“Showing a high response to inputs and excellent winter hardiness, AP Exceed topped multiple Syngenta AgriPro trials,” says Marshall Clinesmith, Agripro hybrid wheat breeding lead. “This variety has exceptional potential under irrigation and in higher-rainfall regions, making it a solid addition to wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho.” 

AP Exceed is an early maturity variety that allows planting flexibility, and good seeding vigor starts the crop off strong. The variety is medium to short in height with good straw strength. It has strong yield potential through winter hardiness. 

“With more early season vigor, the fields we planted with AP Exceed outyielded other varieties on my farm and also yielded the historical highest on two different fields,” says Andy Hooley, a wheat grower from Filer, Idaho. 

—Excerpted from Syngenta press release