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Jaynes lynn
Emeritus Editor
Lynn Jaynes retired as an editor in 2023.

Cutting-edge technology now available for agricultural soil testing

Many farmers have readily adopted high-tech ways of growing their crops. One of the newest developments saves one of the most precious of all resources, time.

Redox Bio-Nutrients is proud to partner with ChrysaLabs and their cutting-edge soil sampling technology. ChrysaLabs has developed a portable artificial intelligence (AI)-based soil health probe that measures 37 soil nutrients and characteristics in real time for producers and agronomists, replacing the need to wait for traditional lab analysis.

Redox recently incorporated a fleet of ChrysaLabs probes into their soil testing. The faster soil analysis helps growers get a jump on taking the needed steps to having healthy, productive fields and orchards.

“This exciting technology brings, in essence, lab-level analysis to the field,” said Gifford Gillette, Redox Bio-Nutrients lead researcher. “Analyzing soil in 30 seconds instead of the current standard of three days provides tremendous value by saving time and expense over the traditional approach.”


Reducing the timing of soil sampling to a small fraction of traditional tests should provide widespread benefits for growers in their efforts to boost sustainability. For example, a spectrometer is estimated to reduce greenhouse gases by more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Find out more about this groundbreaking technology at the ChrysaLabs website.

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Claas announces the next generation Xerion tractor

Claas of America announces updates to the 2023 Xerion tractor line. The latest model delivers even more, offering best-in-class performance right where four-wheel-drive tractor growers need it with powertrain upgrades, improved hydraulic flow and added versatility.

Since the North American launch, the Xerion line of high-horsepower tractors has been known for its refined ride, high transport speeds, excellent fuel economy and a whisper-quiet cab. The high-horsepower (435-530 HP) tractor offers confidence-inspiring technology with a higher level of capability, ultimately helping customers work more productively and efficiently.

Tackle steep terrain and experience a smoother ride with the all-new Eccom 5.5 continuously variable transmission (CVT). Like previous transmission technology (Eccom 4.5 and ZF Eccom 5.0), the Eccom 5.5 is also a four-range CVT that better transfers the engine’s torque and power for superior efficiency and higher productivity. A maximum forward speed of 31 mph can be achieved at a low, fuel-saving rpm.

The switch to the new Eccom 5.5 enables higher hydraulic flow than not only just its predecessor but also competitive brands. Up to six double-acting rear spool valves, a brand new pump transfer gearbox and optional tandem pumps allow an oil flow of up to 111 gallons per minute – more than sufficient hydraulic volume for implements with a particularly high oil-flow requirement, such as wide air seeders. Up to two spool valves can be supplied with a high flow rate of 37 gallons per minute with standard load-sensing working hydraulics.

In addition, two spool valves (standard equipment) and three spool valves when equipped with the optional tandem pump can be prioritized in CEBIS. A separate and optimized 120-HP hydraulic system with 66 gallons per minute at 3,770 psi is available for attachments such as manure tanks and front-mounted implements requiring high-horsepower hydraulics. A hydraulic dual-circuit trailer brake can also be supplied for North American customers.

Also available in model year 2023 units is a new base weight plate for the multipurpose carrier space behind the cab. Using the intelligent ballast concept with additional 882-pound weight plates and ballast-able front weight, up to 15,432 pounds of additional ballast can be loaded. Depending on the application, the Xerion can be optimally balanced for a 50-50 weight distribution under load for maximum multipass effect.

For more information on the Xerion tractor, visit the Claas website.

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Feed-through fly control solution

Pertinent Eco-Solutions, a manufacturer of eco-friendly pest control products, has released an insect growth regulator (IGR) deliverable as a feed-through for controlling horn fly populations in cattle pastures. Joining Pertinent’s line of naturally derived adulticides and IGRs in the cattle market, the IGR 10.5% feed-through fly control solution was officially introduced.

The formulation, which includes the active ingredient s-methoprene, acts as a synthetic juvenile hormone in the cow manure that serves as a host to early stage horn flies and includes a booster to provide nearly 100% population control. This prevents eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing to the next stage, ultimately stopping the emergence of adult flies in the biting stage and causing a collapse of the fly population.

A feed-through product with s-methoprene, an active ingredient with no known resistance cases, can provide maximum return on investment (ROI) for cattle producers looking to boost profits. In addition to its effectiveness, the IGR 10.5% feed-through fly control solution serves Pertinent’s broader mission of environmentally friendly pest management.

Pertinent also prides itself in being easy to do business with. No contracts are required to purchase any Pertinent products, and the minimum purchase on the IGR 10.5% feed-through fly control solution is only two 20-pound buckets. Products are also competitively priced with a discount on the initial purchase to further boost ROI.

More information about Pertinent and its catalog of highly effective, eco-friendly pesticides is available on their website.