The Canadian Forage Analysis Green Cup is a national forage competition with products raised in a farm field near you. Announced at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, where the results will be shared next March, this forage analysis cup is set to recognize the best forage growers and processors from across Canada.

Coyne katie
Editor / Progressive Dairy – Canada
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Six points to know:

  • Samples must be grown on the farm of the entrant.
  • A farm or ranch may enter as often as desired in as many categories as they’d like. 
  • Samples must be from a regular forage production field and harvesting system.
  • Not more than one finalist per farm or ranch unit will be allowed on any one category.
  • A farm or ranch may not win more than one platinum prize.

Farms and ranches may enter alfalfa hay or silage, grass haylage, barley silage, BMR corn silage or corn silage. Alfalfa hay samples may be from any size bale and may contain a preservative or a desiccant. All the silage samples must be ensiled in a normal preservation process and show signs of fermentation. Preservatives and commercial inoculants with enzymes are allowed; any other additive affecting fibre content or any other adulteration will disqualify the sample.

Samples will be judged with 30% of the score based on visual appeal and 70% on analysis. Hay and silage will be analyzed for relative feed value, as well as DM, moisture, crude protein and much more. Corn silage will be analyzed for NDFd12, 7-hour starch digestibility, degradable protein, fermentation acids, soil contamination probability index and more.

As you are harvesting this summer and fall, consider what fields will provide samples that can be entered in the contest later in the winter. Samples must be received by Feb. 1. Entrants are encouraged to freeze samples in plastic bags until they are ready to be sent and advised to send early in the week, so they arrive in good condition.


There is a small entry fee of $45 that covers the cost of two samples. Awards will be given for the top six entries in each category and awarded on March 5, at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar. Email Fraser Analytical Services for more details.