Jaynes lynn
Emeritus Editor
Lynn Jaynes retired as an editor in 2023.

Idaho was again ranked as the No. 1 state in U.S. potato production, according to the USDA Annual Potato Summary for 2022, released in September. All Idaho potato production in 2022 totaled 121 million hundredweight (cwt), down 8.6% from 2021. Harvested area, at 295,000 acres, was down 6.4% from 2021. The average yield of 410 cwt per acre was down 10 cwt from the previous year.


The value of all Idaho potatoes sold in 2022, at $1.4 billion, increased 35% from the previous year. The average price, at $12.50 per cwt, was up $4.04 from 2021.

Shrinkage and loss was estimated at 6,895,000 cwt for 2022, down 16% from 2021. Growers kept 953,000 cwt for seed, livestock feed and home use on their own farms, up 6.6% from 2021.