Would you use an intelligent system to help you make sense of farm data and apply it to improve efficiency? Or maybe you already are! In this episode we take a look at how dairy farmers can approach implementing cutting-edge tech on their dairies. What is the value to be gained and potential wins, as well as challenges and things to keep in mind when considering adoption.

Season 5, Episode 46


[02:07] What are the challenges and pain points that bring farmers to explore and adopt new tech like AI systems on dairy farms? 

Short answer: Labor shortage and big data management.

[03:57] How do intelligent systems available on the market today make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and how does that transform dairy operations that use them?


Short answer: Their processing capabilities allow them to consolidate multiple data sources and generate real value out of this data. 

[10:24] How do these systems help improve efficiency and profitability on dairies?

Short answer: Save time, centralize data, support analysis and informed decision making.

[14:14] How has technology adoption impacted the collaboration between dairy farmers and their advisors?

Short answer: When advisors have access to farm data and analysis tools it allows them to stay up to date and give better advice, even when they’re not on the farm.

[17:44] What advice can you give to farmers who are considering implementing a smart system on their dairy?

Short answer: Always start by identifying the main challenges you’re trying to solve and choose the solution that works best to support you with these specific issues.

This episode is sponsored by Connecterra.

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Connecterra is an artificial intelligence company on a mission to empower the dairy industry to become more efficient while reducing impact on the planet. We are headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with teams in Europe and the United States. Our solution is the Connecterra platform, which transforms data into intelligent digital experiences and products for farmers, advisors and dairy companies. Our customers and partners include some of the largest global brands in the dairy industry.

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