In this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, host Kimmi Devaney visits with Kiley Heim from Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy in Wisconsin. As the next generation on her family’s dairy farm, Heim manages their calves and has taken on a few additional responsibilities from her grandma, including preparing meals for employees during the workday and accounting.

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Season 5, Episode 48


Here's a breakdown of the episode:

  • About Heim and her family’s dairy farm [~0:45]
  • Warming and cooling rooms for their newborn calves [~2:10]
  • Managing calves in their new calf barn [~3:40]
  • Lung ultrasounds [~4:15]
  • Beef on dairy [~6:10]
  • Calf management in hutches and in the calf barn [~6:40]
  • The most important thing Heim has learned since she started managing the calves a few years ago [~7:55]
  • Building a network of helpful people [~9:15]
  • Providing meals for employees [~10:30]
  • New office with a kitchen [~12:30]
  • Meal planning [~13:15]
  • Why Heim decided to come back to the farm as the next generation [~14:15]
  • Heim’s favorite part of being back on the farm [~15:25]
  • Future goals [~15:50]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~16:20]

Kiley HeimKiley Heim (Photo by Kimmi Devaney)

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