In today’s digital age, reaching consumers requires more than traditional advertising campaigns and individual boots on the ground. Since 2021, the Undeniably Dairy campaign (powered by your dairy checkoff) has partnered with some exceptional online influencers, each with their own unique voice and passionate connection to dairy.

Our Dairy Dream Team is not just talking cottage cheese, ice cream and cheese platters; they are diving deep into the nutritional superpowers of dairy, showcasing its role in active lifestyles through delicious everyday recipes.

But their magic goes beyond nutrition. They are champions of the story behind every glass of milk – the hard-working farmers, the cows they care for and the sustainable practices that make dairy more than just a beverage; it is a responsible choice.

Dairy checkoff teams nationally and locally have:

  • Engaged with 116 social media influencers
  • Generated 13.9 million video views
  • Compiled 1.83 million-plus engagements


The dairy checkoff's Dairy Dream Team includes 14 influencers whose combined reach is an estimated 22 million people. Image courtesy of Dairy Management Inc.

Meet the Dairy Dream Team

Jen Curley is most famous for posting snack videos, where she eats unusual food combinations. She has since parlayed into food content creation, sharing various recipes for snack-like options.


Zeth “Rad Dad” and his charming 5-year-old, Saylor, have become internet sensations. The family shares their adventures online and has an entertaining and lighthearted podcast.

Derek Bauder is an actor-turned-gamer influencer and content creator who is known for live-streaming on Twitch and trying different food tastings with his young son.

Elena Besser is a Brooklyn-based chef and TV host. She is a chef-personality on the Food Network and Cooking Channel and makes regular appearances on The Today Show.

Kourtney Marsh is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur, mother of two and lifestyle influencer who shares a mix of family and lifestyle content.

Louie Angeles is an ICU nurse and lifestyle influencer. She often shares her authentic day-to-day life on social media, including the yummy food she eats, living with her fiancé and their very cute dogs.

Alexa Santos is a former TV news reporter turned food media professional who has a proven track record of creating viral food video content. Her Instagram page features user-friendly recipes with gorgeous food shots.

Keren Swanson is a lifestyle and parenting influencer. She lives in Florida with her husband and their five kids and documents their daily adventures on YouTube.

Samantha Purnell is a Miami-based real estate agent known for her viral “What I Eat In A Day” TikToks. She regularly shares details of her daily life, homes she sells and, of course, what she is eating and snacking on.

Jocelyn Delk Adams is a TV personality and blogger who shares classic recipes in a modern, accessible way. She hopes to inspire a new generation of bakers and cooking enthusiasts to learn kitchen skills.

Kit Keenan is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in New York City who rose to fame as a former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor. She shares relatable lifestyle content and her love of cooking and creating delicious meals.

Connor Wood has won the hearts of his largely Gen Z-based audience for his sense of humor, joyful personality and unique content. He creates highly engaging and funny videos about his everyday life.

Matty Maggiacomo is a Peloton instructor and fitness influencer. He often posts about various health and wellness hacks and his favorite pre- and post-workout meals and snacks.

Shari Gatewood is a mom and lifestyle influencer who is beloved for her relatable family content, often sharing about her life, favorite products, recipes and family.


Influencer Zeth “Rad Dad” and his 5-year-old, Saylor, share their adventures online and have an entertaining and lighthearted podcast. Image courtesy of Dairy Management Inc.

Show your support for the Dairy Dream Team by following them on your favorite social media platforms. Like, share and engage with their posts and tell your friends and family about them. By working together, we can spread the word about dairy’s incredible benefits and ensure it remains a vital part of healthy lives for generations to come.

Social media is a powerful tool for farmers to connect with consumers by telling your story and building a vibrant community around your passion. If you want help creating your own platforms to share your story, please reach out to your local checkoffs, who have resources to help you get started.

To learn more about your national dairy checkoff, visit the website or to reach us directly, send an email.

This article was written by Don Schindler, who is the senior vice president of farmer digital communications for Dairy Management Inc.