The future of our farms depends on the calves we’re raising today. Health and performance play an important role in growth and development. And, ultimately, how those calves will pay us back in the future – whether they’re raised for beef or calve in and enter the milking herd.

In this episode, Paul Nuttelman, territory sales representative with DBC Ag Products, shares his tips for raising healthy, fast-growing calves. Paul discusses how to stay in front of calf health with proactive calf care.

Paul NuttelmanPaul Nuttelman, territory sales representative with DBC Ag Products

Season 6, Episode 7

Here is the episode breakdown:

0:40 – Paul introduces himself


2:12 – How Paul helps farmers in his role

3:15 – Favorite part of working with dairy farmers

4:25 – One thing that gets overlooked with calves

5:45 – Biggest challenges he sees on farms

7:40 – Managing the many variables of calf raising

10:00 – Uncovering hidden calf costs

11:25 – Calf health and future performance

13:30 – Antibiotics requiring veterinarian prescriptions

14:10 – Advice for calf raisers

15:15 – Where to learn more

This episode is sponsored by DBC Ag Products.

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