Some hate broccoli, some hate bacon, I hate having my picture taken. My dad frequently recited these first lines to Ogden Nash’s poem “Waiting for the Birdie” when it was time for a family picture. He said he memorized it in grade school and hasn’t forgotten it since. I, like most others, agree with its message. Its universal proclamation against the need for still images of ourselves has contributed to the poem’s forever fame.

Cooley walt polo
Editor and Podcast Host / Progressive Dairy

Frequent readers will recognize that this issue includes a more recently taken photo of myself. For years I have been able to avoid the camera – but not this one.

If I could do it over again, I’d have had my photo taken six or nine months ago when I was 10 pounds lighter. Back then people would stop me at trade shows and give the highest compliment a man or woman can receive: “I almost didn’t recognize you. Have you lost weight?”

I attribute most of my former weight loss to switching from whole to 1 percent milk and having fewer cookies to go along with it. I’m sure I could shed those pounds again but I’m a sucker for a full-tasting dairy beverage. While my wife was pregnant this past spring, I couldn’t resist feeling sympathy pains.

The whole milk temptation is ever-present in our household of six. There’s always more of it in the fridge than the gallon with a blue or green lid. It’s just easier to fill my own glass with what the kids get than pull out something else from the fridge. However, I’ll probably have to forgo my indulgence again, once my wife or doctor prods me to do so.


Sadly, the photo missing in this issue, for the first time in a number of years, is that of former columnist Ben Yale. As reported last issue, Ben passed away June 13. This issue contains a tribute to his industry legacy written by one of his close associates. (Click here to read)

The Auglaize County Bar Association in Ohio, Ben’s home county, will hold a memorial service for him in the county’s newly remodeled courthouse soon. Date and time are still to be determined. Watch our website for more information or call me if you’re interested in participating.

Also in this issue are several other interesting articles. One discusses why it’s important for us to fess up to our laziness and how that could actually be a good form of self-help. (Click here to read) I also think you’ll enjoy an article that you’ll probably want to share with your custom chopper about cutting, packing and covering your silage crop this year. (Click here to read)