The 2012 Alltech International Symposium, held May 20-23 in Lexington, Kentucky, welcomed more than 3,000 attendees representing more than 70 countries. The 28th symposium focused on what the future held for real-life 4-year-old children Tom, born in the U.S., and Anya, born in Southeast Asia.

Gwin emily
Former Editor / Progressive Dairy

The three-day conference delved deeper into the “how do we feed the world” discussion by focusing on issues such as sustainability and stewardship, global interdependence and agricultural policy.


Attendees attended breakout sessions and discussion dinners based on their agricultural sector of interest, including dairy, beef, pork, poultry, aquaculture and equine.

Many dairy presentations focused on profitability, with plenty of idea sharing about hot topics such as manure management and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as feed quality and milk marketing.

Dairy professionals had a choice of attending one of two discussion dinners during the symposium.


Attendees of one dinner talked about advancements in milk production with the topic “More than 30,000 kg/66,000 lbs of milk per cow, per year: If one cow can do it, why can’t they all?”

The other dairy dinner sparked a management discussion with the topic “Milk Models: High yield or high return? Wisconsin or New Zealand, who is right?”


The 29th Alltech International Symposium will be held May 19-22, 2013. PD

TOP RIGHT: More than 3,000 people, representing more than 70 countries, attended the 28th annual Alltech International Symposium.

MIDDLE RIGHT: The theme of the three-day conference centered around providing a bright future for four-year-old U.S. resident Tom and his southeast Asian counterpart Anya.

BOTTOM RIGHT: “Feeding the world” has become a growing concern. The symposium focused on addressing that topic with discussions on environmental responsibility and global policy.